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Corn Flakes: Sam Foltz As Deity, Baylor and Brenda Tracy

David McGee

I scrubbed what was to be the theme of today’s Flakes given the news out of Dallas last night. I won’t comment on that other than to say that I think we can all agree that innocent people being killed is bad, no matter their color, religion, gender or what have you.

Most of us want to be dealt with as individuals, each with our own set of worries in the world. If that’s what you wish, you first have to treat others as individuals. If you can’t make that first step.... well, here we are, America.

Careful on any politics talk today.

Remember to stay off social media. First rule of twitter - #NEVERTWEET

This is Sam Foltz. Our punter. You should probably kneel or something if you’re ever fortunate enough to meet him in person.

Nebraska’s Oldest Living Letterwinner Turns 104 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

On a family farm near Wilber, Neb., Monday, there was food, fun and fireworks to honor Floyd Herman, Nebraska Athletics' oldest living letterwinner who celebrated his 104th birthday on July 4th.

Packers legend Paul Hornung files lawsuit against helmet company -

In the lawsuit, which obtained by the New York Times, the Hall of Famer alleges that Riddell led players to believe that the company's plastic helmets would provide protection against brain trauma.

The suit is for $50,000. Not that much money, really. I can practically guarantee that when Hornung played there weren’t any stickers on the back of the helmet to tell you that the helmet itself wasn’t going to protect you from brain injury.

A Beautiful 'Trainwreck': Nebraska's Tom Novak | Hail Varsity

Husker coach Bernie Masterson spoke briefly, as did Tom Novak, a sophomore center and linebacker. "They weren’t as tough as I thought they would be," Novak was quoted. "They" were Coach Frank Leahy’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

This is by Mike Babcock. Babcock is an excellent writer and has been around long enough to know Husker history pretty well. Here’s an article I did on Novak from 2011.

Know Thy Opponent 2016: Nebraska Cornhuskers - Hammer and Rails

Purdue actually beat this team in 2015. Can it get one of those "winning streaks" going?

I don’t really want to think about a 2016 where we lost to Purdue again.

Who do you love and hate? The State of B1G Fandom: 2016 Edition - Off Tackle Empire

Five years on, we want to see who you, the reader, love (and hate) most in the Big Ten.

Please take the time to fill out their short survey. I hate Iowa. Who doesn’t hate Iowa?

Baylor, Jim Grobe Invite Brenda Tracy to Speak to Football Team - Our Daily Bears

In the aftermath of the sexual assault scandal at Baylor, the University and Interim Coach Jim Grobe have invited gang rape survivor Brenda Tracy to campus.

Pardon my skepticism but I have to wonder if Baylor is doing this for public relations purposes. It’s difficult to not have that perspective given how braindead Baylor has been in their handling of these issues so far.

Perhaps on the bright side this is truly a Baylor that recognizes that it has a problem and this is a step to turn things around. One has the feeling that Brenda Tracy is a strong enough person to sense whether or not they are being genuine, and to call them out if they are not.


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Minnesotans for Nebraska Golf Outing - July 25th

MN4NE will be having their annual golf outing on July 25th. Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning will be the speaker at the after-golf dinner. If you don't golf (I don't, but plan to get there for dinner), you can sign up for just the dinner. More information can be found in the attached PDF.

Husker Salute 2016 Golf Scramble

July 22nd, 2016 at the Plattview, Nebraska Golf Club. Eric Crouch, you know, that guy who won a Heisman Trophy, will be there. More specific information and registration can be found here!