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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Has More Academic All-Americans THAN YOU

Nebraska still has a huge lead in Academic All-Americans. The “Nebraska N” is rolling out across campus and more news!

Nebraska N Logo

Nebraska's Nation-Leading Academic All-America Total Grows to 325 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

University of Nebraska student-athletes produced another outstanding year in the classroom, the community and in competition to continue NU's tradition of success in 2015-16. The Huskers increased their nation-leading total of all-time CoSIDA Academic All-Americans to 325 with five academic All-Americans across all sports.

Second place isn’t even close.

Nebraska N rolls out | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

It’s official: As the calendar turns to July, the Nebraska N has taken flight at UNL.

That N logo up top is the "Nebraska N", a new logo that’s supposed to bind the entire campus under one "N" logo just like that ring that Frodo sought.

CIC becomes Big Ten Academic Alliance | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

On June 30, the CIC, arguably the nation’s preeminent model for effective collaboration among research universities, began operating under a new name – the Big Ten Academic Alliance. The new name directly and succinctly explains the identity and mission of the organization, which includes all Big Ten universities, officials said.

This would have been much more interesting had it been BIG TEN ACADEMIC REBEL ALLIANCE.

Mueller Planetarium offers summer-themed laser shows | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Mueller Planetarium in the University of Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall, south of 14th and Vine streets, will light up with three family-friendly laser light shows July 15-16 and 22-23.

"Lasermania" (45 minutes), 8 p.m.: This high-energy show provides a sensory rush with a collection of current pop and rock hits

A SENSORY RUSH - JUST LIKE METH. You’re going now, aren’t you?

New-family stress, economic struggles can mean long-term hardship | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Using data from a national longitudinal survey of 4,898 children and parents, the study suggests young parents who experience economic hardship early in their children’s lives are more likely to experience mental health problems and relationship distress.

I know this is targeted at making corporations realize that they should establish more family friendly policies, but maybe, just maybe, they could mention something ABOUT MAKING COLLEGE CHEAPER so that an entire generation doesn’t start out broke and in massive debt.

Being murdered is no reason to forgive student loan, New Jersey agency says | Miami Herald

A state agency known for aggressively collecting loans has become even more so. It can garnish wages, rescind state income tax refunds, revoke professional licenses, and more.

Don’t get a student loan from New Jersey. Just get the hell out of New Jersey, okay? What good thing have you ever heard of being from New Jersey? (Bruce Springsteen, okay, fine, but what in the last 30 years?)

The 2016 SEC Media Days are coming up next Monday. NEXT MONDAY! FOOTBALL IS IN THE DISTANCE! Here’s a drinking game for SEC Media Days.

We could create one for the Big Ten, but it would mostly be about Jim Harbaugh because everything is about Jim Harbaugh. #1 and #3 just swap in Harbaugh. #7 is Iowa. Mike Riley will be referred to as "the nicest guy in coaching".

Forecast: Construction to be Nebraska's fastest-growing sector | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Though admittedly annoying to motorists, this summer's road construction closures and detours reflect a part of Nebraska's economy that's expected to grow during the next three years.

New turf research center hosts field day on July 20 | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Morning research presentations will include selecting grub control products, plant growth regulator GDD models for fairways and other high-cut turf, remote sensing of turf stress, conventional vs. low-input turf establishment, scouting soil issues with x-ray guns controlling cool-season grasses in warm-season turf, weed control and more.

I wanted to make a science fiction joke here, but, really, nobody had "x-ray guns". There are plenty of rayguns, but those are things like gamma, alpha, beta, delta and epsilon, depending upon what you’re watching.

Then there was Naked Raygun.

Huskers Claim Seven Top 10 Team Finishes in 2015-16 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska programs produced an impressive total of seven final top-10 national finishes across its 24 team sports, including an NCAA women's volleyball championship in 2015-16.

Nebraska women kick ass.

What are the best and worst-case scenarios for Ohio State in 2016? - Land-Grant Holy Land

What are the absolute best and worst case scenarios for Ohio State in 2016? We use the S&P+ adjusted scoring margins to separate teams in to tiers and find out.

Lettermen petition Penn State Nittany Lions to return Joe Paterno statue

More than 200 Penn State football lettermen petitioned the university on Tuesday for the return of an iconic bronze Joe Paterno statue that was removed in the summer of 2012 in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.

Over 200.

That means 200 people close to the Penn State program thought this was a good idea, apparently proving that they and Baylor are the most isolationist universities in the nation. There used to be those jokes comparing North Korea and Texas A&M, like this one, oddly enough from a Baylor blog that was one of the best around at the time.

How completely off we were when all along it was seemingly innocuous Baylor and pristine Penn State that were turtles hiding their heads and believing that therefore no one could see them.

Let it go, guys.

Nebraska farmers, thanks to craft beer popularity, give hops a try | Food and Cooking |

How about popping the cap off one of Blue Blood Brewing’s 543 Skull Creek Pale Ale? Pour it in a glass. Can you smell that spicy citrus with hints of orange peel and pineapple? That smell’s there thanks to fresh whole leaf hops picked from a couple acres tended by Bill and Shad Rhynalds near Prague.

Day in the Life: What BuzzFeed's VR expert does - Digiday

Kreimer first got interested in drones while studying journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under his professor, Matt Waite, who started the Drone Journalism Lab. For Kreimer, they married two of his passions: storytelling and building/hardware.

It said "University of Nebraska - Lincoln" and Drone Journalism Lab. That’s worth a link, ain’t it?

Ex-Michigan QB Denard Robinson falls asleep at wheel, crashes car into pond - Maize n Brew

The report said Robinson then "opened his eyes and then went back to sleep." The officer continued to knock on the window until the passenger, 29-year-old Marissa O. Staples of Cincinnati, said "what’s up," according to the report. The officer explained the car was in a pond and they needed to get out. Staples attempted to roll the window back up but the officer was able to reach in and unlock the door, according to the report. Staples had to be pulled from the car because she refused to exit, according to the report, and Robinson was asleep the whole time.

This whole story is very odd. And at what time did this crash happen? 420. Coincidence?

Chinese government approves Ron Jaworski, Dick Vermeil-backed football league

Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski and coach Dick Vermeil are part of a group that is launching the China Arena Football League (CAFL) in October. The new league has the approval of the Chinese government.

Maybe they could put it in spring and summer and televise it on US TV and we’d finally have a successful league that played football in our offseason.

New High-Speed Camera Is So Fast It Can See Neurons Firing

One of the fastest cameras in the world can now take better pictures than ever, even capturing neurons as they fire, according to a new study.


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Minnesotans for Nebraska Golf Outing - July 25th

MN4NE will be having their annual golf outing on July 25th. Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning will be the speaker at the after-golf dinner. If you don't golf (I don't, but plan to get there for dinner), you can sign up for just the dinner. More information can be found in the attached PDF.

Husker Salute 2016 Golf Scramble

July 22nd, 2016 at the Plattview, Nebraska Golf Club. Eric Crouch, you know, that guy who won a Heisman Trophy, will be there. More specific information and registration can be found here!