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Nebraska Football Has 2-1 Odds To Win Big Ten West Division, 9-1 To Win B1G Per Bovada

Bet more, win more! Lucky lucky lucky!

University of Nebraska Hires New Head Coach
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More preseason stuff for us to talk about came about when Bovada released their Conference Title odds today to the general public.

Of course, we got a hold of the Big Ten Conference ones and, well, we see that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are 2 to 1 odds to win the Big Ten West currently, with 9 to 1 odds to win the Big Ten Championship.

Here are the odds:

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten East Division

Ohio State 1/1

Michigan 5/4

Michigan State 6/1

Penn State 101

Indiana 33/1

Maryland 33/1

Rutgers 50/1

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten West Division

Iowa 1/1

Nebraska 2/1

Wisconsin 4/1

Northwestern 9/1

Minnesota 14/1

Illinois 25/1

Purdue 33/1

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the Big Ten Championship

Michigan 7/4

Ohio State 7/4

Michigan State 7/1

Iowa 9/1

Nebraska 9/1

Wisconsin 14/1

Penn State 18/1

Northwestern 33/1

Minnesota 40/1

Illinois 50/1

Indiana 50/1

Maryland 50/1

Purdue 100/1

Rutgers 100/1


The way folks make money is that for each $1 you bet, the bigger number is what you get back if you win. For example, for every dollar you bet currently on Nebraska to win the Big Ten, if they accomplished that, you’d get $9 in return. For something like the 7/4 odds, for every dollar you bet, you would get back $1.75.

Some thoughts:

- Well, I guess you can say it’s still Iowa’s division to lose with them being up top. Some will say that Nebraska doesn’t deserve to be that high. While fair to mention, some folks are hoping, pleading, praying that Mike Riley takes the next step and gets some luck back or such this year.

- I’m kind of interested to see Ohio State even money in the East as well, only because everyone has been touting Michigan as the front runner there.

- The Conference title odds just prove that everyone thinks the East is the clear cut favorites, which they are. But, remembering last year and how Iowa was thisdamnclose to winning it, it’s fair to see a couple West schools with value odds.

- Purdue and Rutgers with those low odds?

A friendly reminder that these odds are for entertainment purposes only. Unless you head to Vegas, then I’ll give you some scratch to put down.