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Flakes: Bikini Atoll, Olympics, Selfies, and Bearcam

We look at a piece of history in nuclear testing. We managed to scrounge up a few Husker sports related stories and introduce you to the Bearcam. Also, selfies are dumb - and dangerous.

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Seventy years ago, the U.S. military detonated two nuclear weapons on Bikini Atoll. The U.S. was still working through the aftereffects of World War II and recognized Russia as the next great threat. The most publicized "secret" tests ever included reporters and even a 26 minute "propaganda" film by the U.S. government (see first link below).

One blast was in mid-air and the other just under the surface of the water. Things did not go exactly as planned as one bomb missed its target and the other resulted in a spray of radioactive water that contaminated the target ships to the point inspectors could not get close enough to assess damage.

More than 20 blasts followed those over the next decade. One turned out to be much more powerful than expected and resulted in radioactive fallout contaminating the Marshall Islands. The people that lived in that area are dealing with the results of that test to this day.

There is so much to write about this part of history that is relevant today. From the tragedy of the island people that do not really have a home to the threat of radicalized organizations acquiring this technology. Your history teacher was right folks - it really is more than memorizing dates and names.

Tropic Fallout: a look back at the Bikini nuclear tests, 70 years later | Ars Technica
Operation Crossroads resulted in what a leading scientist called "the world's first nuclear disaster."

Bikini Islanders Still Deal With Fallout of U.S. Nuclear Tests, 70 Years Later | US News
The U.S. government detonated the first of many atomic bomb tests in the Marshall Islands in 1946.

On To Flakes...

Husker volleyball rookies finding their place - Kearney Hub: Huskers
LINCOLN — Walking from the locker room onto the practice courts at the Devaney Center, Lauren Stivrins and Hunter Atherton pass a floor-to-ceiling reminder of what the team they’ve joined has accomplished.

Chasing NFL success, Abdullah enjoys Nebraskans treating him as 'one of their own' | Husker Extra |
Ameer Abdullah gets a kick out of it, really.

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Cleveland Indians designate former Husker Joba Chamberlain for assignment - Big Red Today Blog
CLEVELAND (AP) — The Cleveland Indians designated veteran reliever and former Husker Joba Chamberlain for assignment Monday.

Ex-Husker Henery embraces life's next phase | Husker Sports |
There will be no 57-yard attempt today. Not that Alex Henery minds if it comes up as he takes a seat on a bench at a local high school football

Monte Kiffin ‘One of America’s Most Respected Football People’ - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
One of the best traits Nebraska Coach Mike Riley practices on a daily basis is using his innate ability to re-prioritize instantaneously. This past week, for instance, Riley pushed that special button

Elsewhere In Sports....

Alabama self-reported improper trophy placement as an NCAA violation - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Did you know that there are NCAA rules regarding the display of trophies? Alabama released its list of self-reported violations for the 2015-2016 year on Sunday and one of the violations is because the school improperly displayed a trophy during a recruiting visit. Five of the 19 reported violations involved the football team.

Tennessee reaches $2.48 million settlement in sexual assault lawsuit -
University administrators will no longer face testifying at trial after the settlement was reached.

Offseason? More like worry season for college football coaches
As football players leave campus for a final taste of freedom before returning to prepare for the season, this should be a quiet, relaxing time for coaches. So why is it anything but that?

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USA TODAY Sports Offers The Latest News, Buzz, Information, Photos and Videos From The World of Sports.

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to six years for murder of girlfriend
Former Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

This and That....

Bearcam is back and better than ever | The Verge
There is pretty much no better way to spend your time on the internet than watching live footage of bears chilling in Katmai National Park, Alaska — and now has brought Bearcam back for...

Death by dumb selfies is a new epidemic
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