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Corn Flakes: Sam Foltz Services, Michigan State’s Mike Sadler’s Services Today

Nebraska punter Sam Foltz was buried yesterday in Grand Island. Today are services for former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler. Those services are at Spartan Stadium at 3 pm

Mike Sadler of Michigan State Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Thousands show support at late Husker Sam Foltz’s funeral - The Grand Island Independent: Local News

Flowers and photos filled the hallways where overflow seating was placed. Seven buses carrying Foltz’s fellow football players and other members of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic department showed up to honor Foltz. Few seats were left unoccupied.

'An amazing sight,' celebration of Sam Foltz's life draws hundreds to honor Husker punter | Football |

“As you go through it, you find out more and more about people — the Foltz family, the Nebraska family, the state of Nebraska,” Riley said as he stood with two reporters in the food pantry of the church. The lights were off and Riley spoke softly. “Everybody's really tried to stay strong together. But it is sad. And it will be. We're all very thankful for everybody who's put their arms around us. This day is really a good indication of that.”

Memorial service celebrates Sam Foltz’s lasting impact | Beatrice News Channel

Nearly 2,000 people attended the 75-minute service, led by church clergy, highlighted the endearing qualities of Foltz, whose uplifting spirit and engaging personality left a lasting impact on those who knew him best.

Family and friends come together, remembering Foltz as "a man of passion" | Football |

GRAND ISLAND — The streets around the church had turned into mini lakes. The morning downpour was that great.

Mike Riley: 'Heartbreaking' week ends in 'beautiful' service for Sam Foltz | Big Red Today |

"It's a heartbreaking week," Mike Riley said as he stepped away from the luncheon held after Foltz's funeral.

Mike Sadler

Mike Sadler’s funeral service is today at 3:00 pm in Spartan Stadium. Helluva place to have a funeral service. Pretty crappy reason to have one - a young man gone before his time.

Mike Sadler’s life to be celebrated in Spartan Stadium service | WLNS

Sadler’s family is inviting the Spartan family to join them Sunday at 3:00 p.m. in Spartan Stadium for a memorial service.

Couch: Mike Sadler's mother grieving, but grateful and 'so proud'

“So proud, so proud,” she repeated Saturday, trailing off reflectively as she spoke about her son, Mike Sadler, the former Michigan State punter who was killed in a car accident in Wisconsin a week ago Saturday night.

Then There’s This

Andrew White III cuts Michigan State Spartans from consideration - The Only Colors

After declaring for the 2016 NBA draft before withdrawing, White then decided he wanted to play his final year of college at a program where he would be in better position for a winning season, NCAA Tournament berth, and maybe even Final Four contention.

He hasn’t been in a position to do that at the two previous schools he’s been at. His answer has been to run around the nation apparently looking for a place that will cater to his every whim.

I don’t really wish him much luck anymore.


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