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Fullback Ben Miles Commits To Nebraska Football

The Huskers will get the services of the son of the head coach of the LSU Tigers. No, really, they will.

Reggie Davis hears your call for the Fullback, Husker Nation.
Reggie Davis hears your call for the Fullback, Husker Nation.
Cobcast Ryan

No, you're not really seeing a Cobby article. The son of the Head Coach of the LSU Tigers just committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Fullback Ben Miles, out of Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, pulled the trigger today and committed to the Huskers. He is indeed the son of Les Miles, the former Oklahoma State and now current LSU Head Coach.

Yes, Miles is a low-end 3-star recruit, however he is the third best Fullback in the 2017 cycle. He is the 77th best player in the state of Louisiana.

Miles chose Nebraska over LSU and Boston College.

I'm assuming that those of you that get heart palpitations have recovered from that Hudl video to move on? Good, let's go.

If you're looking at the prototypical Fullback/H-Back type, then Miles is your kid. This offense seemed to line up Miles anywhere he wanted to. In the slot, next to the QB on the zone read, Tight End looks, traditional Fullback looks, he's asked to do a lot. And he seems to do it very well. He even seems to do Special Teams well, which would go back to his Dad's coaching.

It is not a reach to say that if Miles is on campus next year, he could be starting or in a significant role in Danny Langsdorf Offense from his first game on.

No real idea if he can eat grass like his Dad, though.

miles grass gif

Miles visited Lincoln for the Red/White Spring game, and thoroughly enjoyed his visit that weekend. It's not like LSU didn't offer here and do their best. But when your Dad is being targeted to split town, it's probably best for you to go to where you want to be.

We've been on the Miles recruitment, and while he doesn't flinch the 247 National or Big Ten rankings for the Huskers, he's one of the best players available in his position.

Who is next? We'll discuss that soon enough. But, coffee, Reggie Davis.