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SDR: Nebraska Makes The Cut For 4-Star DE James Hudson Sunday

Also, who is visiting The Opening finals with Nebraska interests? Plus, a fantastic video of Avery Roberts

Darnay will be in Oregon this weekend.
Darnay will be in Oregon this weekend.
SB Nation Recruiting

- It's been an interesting time for the Nebraska Cornhuskers to recruit in Ohio lately. It seemed like Bo Pelini could get a lot of kids from there when he had Vince Marrow on staff. Then, once Marrow headed to Kentucky, the river dried up. Not only that, most kids that Marrow seemed to bring in from Ohio (Courtney Love & Braylon Heard) left Lincoln for Lexington.

However, with the verbal and signing of Tony Butler last year, it seemed like Nebraska has gotten back into the thick of things. That is proved again with the Huskers being in the Top 10 of James Hudson, a Strongside Defensive End out of Central Catholic HS in Toledo, Ohio.

While Michigan is in the Crystal Ball drivers seat here, the fact that Nebraska has been shown to not only willing to go up against Harbaugh's staff but win their fair share of battles makes you have belief here. The fact that John Parrella is getting kids like this to peek in Lincoln also shows he's coming along as a recruiter, one of the issues I had when Nebraska hired him.

- SBNation's Recruiting man Bud Elliott got some good video of Nebraska Linebacker verbal Avery Roberts the other day. If you've liked the CN Facebook page, you've already seen the video. If not, however, check it out for yourself.

- Checking out the roster for Nike's The Opening Finals this coming week in Oregon, there's a handful of Nebraska targets making the trip to the week-long camp. Here is who I found that you'll want to keep a eye/ear out for.

We all know about Darnay.

Jaylen was in Lincoln for the last FNL 2 weeks ago.

A few folks have hinted that Lenoir could still be a Nebraska target. I dont' think so, but I suppose it's not out of the realm of things.

Another FNL guy that loved his visit to Lincoln.

Tyjon & Lewis are still 1-2 in the WR pecking order for Keith Williams. Anyone else, no matter what they say, are fallback plans right now.