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The Nebraska Athletic Department Announces The 2016 Football Season Is A Sellout

It will be the 54th straight season of a sold out home slate for the Huskers

Gallery Photo: Huskers vs Illinois: Photo Gallery David McGee

Ladies and gentlemen, our long, national nightmare is now over. The 2016 Nebraska Football season is sold out.

The Nebraska Athletic Department just sent out a e-mail to their Season Ticket Holders stating that the 54th consecutive season of Nebraska selling out their Home schedule has happened, save the allotments sent to visiting teams.

The e-mail states:

Thank You from Nebraska Athletics

The phrase “There is No Place Like Nebraska,” gets used frequently but there’s nothing that exemplifies that better than our football sell-out streak. Thanks to your unparalleled support, we have ensured that for the 54th consecutive season Nebraska football season tickets are sold out. There is no better sight in all of college athletics than Memorial Stadium on a fall Saturday with 90,000 dressed in red cheering on the Huskers.

Your support through season tickets goes beyond the field in so many ways. Because of you, we can support our student-athletes like no other university in the country. Because of you, we can recruit the nation’s best athletes by showing them an unforgettable game day experience. Because of you, we can tell recruits they will play in front of a sold-out crowd each and every home game for their entire career. No other school in the country can say that.

Thank you again for making a difference with the purchase of your season tickets and continuing one of the greatest traditions in college athletics. We look forward to welcoming you back to Memorial Stadium September 3rd for the home-opener against Fresno State.


Let the urban legend of people purchasing tickets to keep the sellout streak alive live for another year.