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The Husker Family Gathered to Grieve the Loss of Sam Foltz

The rain started to fall at in Lincoln minutes after Sunday afternoon’s prayer vigil for Sam Foltz ended. It was symbolic, perhaps: the skies wept with us.

Teammates and coaches; family and friends - the lines of who fell into which category blurred - gathered Sunday afternoon to remember Sam Foltz who was killed in a car accident in Wisconsin late Saturday night. The Husker punter was beloved by those that knew him and were not timid in their telling of his devotion to his faith, his relentless hard work and genuine care for those around him. One person after another made it clear he was no ordinary football player. A punter by trade, and a great one at that, was transcendent in how much he loved and cared for his friends and teammates and strove to be great at everything he did.

Foltz was in Wisconsin over the weekend attending a kicking camp which featured many of the top college and professional kickers and punters. Along with Foltz, former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler was also killed in the accident. LSU punter Colby Delahoussaye was hospitalized with injuries suffered in the crash.

The Huskers mourned their friend and teammate today. They’ll grieve for much longer. This loss will be felt for a long time around the Nebraska program. He left behind a legacy that will ensure he will be remembered for years to come. Today’s outpouring of emotion showed he loved well, was well loved and made an impact. And in the end, isn’t that all anyone could ask for? That is a life well lived, even if it’s shorter than anyone could have ever imagined.