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SDR: Nebraska DE Target Hunter Echols Decommits From UCLA, Brett Kitrell Commits To Minnesota

Let’s talk about commits, top lists, and decommitments tonight, no?

Student Sports

- It looks like one of Nebraska’s big time Defensive End targets has decommitted, setting up a decent race for his services.

Echols had a top 10 back in April and Nebraska was in that listing. There’s been much talk about Notre Dame courting Echols, but one has to wonder what John Parrella has been up to.

It would be a reach right now to get Echols, but there’s interest on both sides of the fence for Nebraska on this one.

UPDATE: late last night, Echols confirmed Nebraska in his top schools.

- Another Nebraska one time target is cooling down on the Huskers, and will probably not be picking them.

Pickett always seemed like a back-up plan for Nebraska with their current targets, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s not a bad thing at all, it means Nebraska just is keeping on guys like Joseph Lewis, Lindsey, Calvin and such. I call Utah for Pickett, BTW.

- Nebraska and Trent Bray made the final 6 for Houston area Linebacker Kenneth Murray, although I would venture to say that a commitment isn’t probable here.

Murray is a kid that Nebraska offered less than a month ago, and has not visited Lincoln at all. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is literally nothing to worry about, but if it becomes something worth a snot to watch, you heard it here first!

- While we’re all gathered around here, let’s talk about the commitment of Brett Kitrell, from Ashland-Greenwood, to Minnesota today.

Now, a lot of folks on that Social Media thing of twitter and Facebook are up in arms in how a kid from Ashland is not going to Lincoln. Well, let’s look at a few things here.

  • Kitrell camped and worked out for Nebraska back on June 13th, and the staff sees him as a Defensive Lineman. Furthermore, they decided to not offer him at that time. If you notice, Kitrell was taken by Minnesota as a OL prospect.
  • Why didn’t Nebraska take Kitrell? His composite makes him the lowest player that would be current on Nebraska’s roster. Lower than Robert Porcher.
  • Another thing, as I say many times before, is to look at a kid’s offer sheet. Kitrell’s one P5 offers come from Minnesota... and that is all. His other noticeable offer is Central Florida. Iowa, Iowa State, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State... no offers from there.

Yes, there’s a knee injury to think about with Kitrell. If he blows up this coming season, then I could see Nebraska trying to get in there. However, I don’t think Nebraska is missing out on much, even with him being in-state.