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Huskers Picked Second in Big Ten West in 2016 Preseason Poll

Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.
Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten doesn't have an "official" Big Ten preseason media poll, so the Cleveland Plain Dealer has taken upon itself to poll forty journalists who cover the Big Ten to come up with their own unofficial preseason poll. What did those media members say?


1. Ohio State 260.5 (31)
2. Michigan 241 (14)
3. Michigan State 195.5 (1)
4. Penn State 155.5
5. Indiana 110
6. Maryland 81.5
7. Rutgers 52


1. Iowa 265 (33)
2. Nebraska 206 (3)
3. Wisconsin 194.5 (2)
4. Northwestern 171.5 (1)
5. Minnesota 132 (1)
6. Illinois 76.5
7. Purdue 46.5

Only three media members think the Huskers will win the west division, with 33 of 40 going with the defending champs in Iowa.  When it comes to Indianapolis, 39 of 40 think it'll be the winner of the Ohio State/Michigan game hoisting the conference championship trophy:

Big Ten Championship

Ohio State over Iowa (24)
Michigan over Iowa (6)
Michigan over Wisconsin (2)
Michigan over Nebraska (2)
Ohio State over Minnesota (1)
Ohio State over Wisconsin (1)
Ohio State over Nebraska (1)
Michigan over Northwestern (1)
Iowa over Ohio State (1)

One voter thinks the Huskers will lose twice to Ohio State, while two others think the Huskers will look sadly at Captain Khaki-pants.  (Though "sad" is a relative thing; getting to Indianapolis and losing is far better than going 6-7.) Personally, I believe that being voted second in the division after a losing season is a sign of confidence in Nebraska football this season.