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Corn Flakes: Them Big Ten Media Days Is A Comin’!

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series FireKeepers Casino 400 Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images


Big Ten Media Days is only three sleeps away! That means there’ll be football to talk about (kind of) and that fall camp isn’t too far away, and after that real, live football games!


The problem with this year’s Big Ten Media Days is that it’s sure to be a let down after all the excitement and utter stupidity of Big 12 Media Days. Having said that I wouldn’t trade Jim Delany for a group of visionless twits who bend in whatever direction the wind is blowing.

The one wild card is Jim Harbaugh. He might resent the fact that the Big 12 got a lot of publicity out of their session, and do something completely off the wall, and by that I mean - more off the wall than normal Harbaugh. The man is an attention whore. Perhaps we should make a concentrated effort to tweet at him and remind him that Jim Grobe just got more publicity than he’ll probably get in the next few days just to see if we can drive him wild.

School Media Sessions on Monday, July 25:

Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers

School Media Sessions on Tuesday, July 26:

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin

Trombone Shorty

Mrs CN and I did something rare last night and actually went out. We went to the Minnesota Zoo and saw Trombone Shorty. I don’t know if you’re aware of who Tromebone Shorty is, but if not, you should be.

It was hot and sweaty and the outdoor amphitheater was crowded, and I was next to a really big guy who kept stepping in front of me and subtly pushing me out of my space. To counter I would reach in my pocket and accidentally touch his butt, which disturbed him and he would move back into his own space for a bit.

The show was fantastic. If you get the chance to see him, EVER, take it. The guy can play anything.


Support Dahrran Diedrick!!!!

Dahrran Diedrick is a 37 year old male. He is a Canadian citizen and a former athlete. He resides in Pickering, Ontario. Dahrran has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and he requires a combination of chemotherapy and a Stem Cell transplant.

I realized they’ve already reached their goal by the time you’ll read this, but you know how medical expenses are. They just keep comin’.

Why Wisconsin could improve on the field and still fall short of its standard in 2016 -

The Badgers could improve on the field and still fail to hit their customary nine-plus wins.

Bill Connelly keeps going with his Big Ten previews!

Big 12 deal may be brewing between UT, Houston |

Supporters of the University of Houston have indicated they would consider dropping their opposition to the University of Texas’ expansion in Houston in exchange for a deal that allows the Cougars to join the Big 12 Conference, the American-Statesman has learned.

I won’t consider this whole expansion/diplomacy/

Kansas State's Bill Snyder questions Nebraska's happiness in Big Ten - Big Ten Blog- ESPN

Would Nebraska consider going back to the Big 12? Kansas State coach Bill Snyder thinks so, but there's a lot of evidence to the contrary.

I do this a lot, and I’m sure you do too. By "this" I mean project my wishes and hopes onto you so that I’m sure they become your wishes and hopes too.

I wouldn’t mind stomping the living shit out of Kansas State again, but go back to that stupid ass conference? HAHAAHAHA

It may be time for the Big Ten, SEC to poach the Big 12 again -

While the Big 12 looks to expand, it may be the perfect time for the Big Ten and SEC to do so instead ... by going after more Big 12 schools

The Center of the Recruiting Universe | Hail Varsity

What is the midpoint of major college football recruiting and why is Nebraska better off avoiding it?

Really excellent stuff from Brandon Vogel at Hail Varsity. | Nebraska standouts ready for 2016 World Youth Championships

Julia Bond and Gazmine Mason already have brought a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship to Lincoln as members of the University of Nebraska women's bowling team, and they'll look to collect medals in singles, doubles, team, all-events and Masters competition for Junior Team USA at Sun Valley Lanes from July 26-Aug. 2.


Scientists looking for invisible dark matter can't find any

For three years, scientists have been looking for dark matter — which though invisible, makes up more than four-fifths of the universe's matter — nearly a mile underground in a former gold mine in Lead, South Dakota. But on Thursday they announced at a conference in England that they didn't find what they were searching for, despite sensitive equipment that exceeded technological goals in a project that cost $10 million to build.

Well, it theoretically makes up that much of the universe, because if it didn’t exist, all the math falls apart and then what the hell are the scientists going to do? WHAT OTHER PATCH HAVE YOU GOT IN YOUR POCKET THEN?


If you have an event (or stuff) you'd like to promote, send me an email at

Minnesotans for Nebraska Golf Outing - July 25th

MN4NE will be having their annual golf outing on July 25th. Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning will be the speaker at the after-golf dinner. If you don't golf (I don't, but plan to get there for dinner), you can sign up for just the dinner. More information can be found in the attached PDF.

Husker Salute 2016 Golf Scramble

July 22nd, 2016 at the Plattview, Nebraska Golf Club. Eric Crouch, you know, that guy who won a Heisman Trophy, will be there. More specific information and registration can be found here!

Heartland Cancer Foundation

The Heartland Cancer Foundation in Lincoln is raffling off season tickets (club seats and a parking pass) in the west stadium for the 2016 football season. This would include tickets for all home games. The drawing will be held at an upcoming golf event on Aug 4th.

You need not be present to win. Raffle tickets are $100 each. But hurry! Only 1,000 tickets are available for purchase. Go to the linked web site above to purchase a raffle ticket.