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Former Nebraska Football Signee Bubba Starling Called Up To Triple-A Omaha

Do you ever wonder if the minuscule chance the Kansas QB spurned the MLB for Memorial Stadium?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's probably not going to make you pause to wonder what could have been, but sometimes we like to think of just that.

For the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Kansas City Royals, it's interesting to take this news and go along that train.

For those of you that call Omaha home and make it out to Werner Park, you'll be able to see former Nebraska QB signee Bubba Starling play at home now. He's been called up from the Double-A Northwest Arkansas in the Texas League to Triple-A with the Storm Chasers.

If Starling had stayed in Lincoln (about a 2.2% chance thanks to Scott Boras) and played for the Huskers, he could have been a redshirt senior last year.

One of the top 125 players in the country AND one of the top 10 listed QBs in the class of 2011. That's what Bo Pelini signed. He also signed Tommy Armstrong, who has somewhat numbers with stars and position rankings in the 2012 class.

We can compare that to Patrick O'Brien too if you want to play along.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Starling would have bunked the Royals in some capacity, and stayed in Lincoln? Tommy probably doesn't come to Lincoln. Who really knows what it affects the head coaching position that much. Who knows how many games he wins, or if he YOLO's some interceptions.

Do you wonder if Bubba helps Darin Erstad get a Big 10 Conference title?

You can, but for now, just realize that he's probably the best defensive outfield prospect Kansas City has right now, and he'll either see the field come this September or look good in Spring Training. Or, as a third option, becomes trade bait for an August pennant chase.  That .185 BA and OPS of .573 won't scare anyone soon, however.