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10 Reasons to Attend Live Events

10 reasons why getting out and experiencing events live is the best way to enjoy sports

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Hey folks, here is a rebuttal to Jon’s piece yesterday on 10 Reason’s to Never Attend Live Events. While there are many positive reasons why not to go outside of your little bubble you call a home, I’m here to shed light on the benefits of going to a live event. Many of these can relate to any live event but we will stick to the sporting ones as we are a sporting site.

1. Live Atmosphere

This is one thing you can’t replicate on a TV screen. There is nothing better than being at a live sporting event. Whether it’s hot or cold or rainy or snowy, there’s something to about being at a live sporting event. The electricity in the air is something that you cannot replicate outside of that setting. Ask anyone who has gone to a Husker home football game, you can’t replicate Tunnel Vision. Same can go for Husker basketball in Pinnacle Bank Arena or Husker Volleyball at Devaney. Very rarely can the hair on the back of your neck stand up by watching the start of a game in your Barcalounger. That stadium seat however, you will get the full experience.

2. Supporting the Team

You love your team? Great, now it’s your job to cheer them on. They bust their tails day in and day out during the week in the training room, during practice, and to a lesser extent in the classroom (I kid, I kid…). Want to make this kids day? Go to a game and cheer them on. They will remember it forever and will always be grateful. Remember the Oklahoma game in 2010 in Lincoln? That was one of the loudest games I had been to in years. If it wasn’t for the crowd noise that night Oklahoma might have come back and pulled off the win.

3. Fan Interaction

This can go two ways.

The first way of looking at this is you can be surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of fans who are just like you. People who are just as jazzed about what will hopefully happen as you are. You are all in unison singing the school fight song or national anthem. You all clap at the same time as the team enters the field (well, sometimes). Standing, waiting to get to your seat and some yahoo screams “GOOOOO BIIIIIIG REEEEED!” at the top of his lungs and everyone in red responding with “GO BIG RED!”. Please, do this at home. All you will get is your dog barking at you and a spouse contemplating their life choices.

The other part of this is the interaction with opposing fans. I’m usually a pretty approachable person so I’ve had very few issues with opposing fans. Maybe it’s not as easy for others as I know a few who would disagree with this. However, you would be surprised how someone opens up to you when they see you in the enemy’s colors and you reach out with an olive branch. It doesn’t take long for you and an opposing fan can become cordial once you strike up a friendly conversation with them. Its fun, friendly, and you get to spread why Steve Pederson and Keith Jackson think we are the Greatest Fans in College Football.

4. Tailgating/Bars

Ever been in a bar on a regular Saturday afternoon? Pretty uneventful, right? Now, ever been in a bar on a Saturday afternoon during a local sporting event? It’s like a night and day difference. Yeah, they’re packed and it’s hard to get a drink but that’s a part of the experience. Get a good seat at the bar early or a decent table and sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Tailgating, on the other hand, takes it to another level. There’s something about sitting in a Cabela’s camping chair and drinking beer out of the back of a suburban while your host grilled up burgers on their portable Weber grill. It’s also just as enjoyable to be the host yourself but I find that there are plenty of others out there who are just as willing to do it. It’s up to you.

While tailgating, you get to meet up with people you haven’t seen since last season and meet new ones. Those people who park next to you. They are now the neighbors you only have to deal with a few times a year. And most likely, their dog won’t crap on your lawn.

5. Get Outside and Do Something

I’m an outdoors person. Being indoors only goes so far with me. I get antsy after watching a game at home an usually bounce outside for a bit.

Sitting at home for two hours and watching the game is nice and convent but you lose something in the moment. Yes, you have your 4 tv’s with 4 different games on and you won’t miss a minute. Maybe some friends come over and watch the game with you. So you sit and watch and after everyone goes home and you’re stuck with the cleanup. You go to a live event and you have the Boy Scouts to do that for you. (Reminder, thank those scouts and scoutmasters at the games for what they do)

Most of us work during the week and it’s nice to have something to look forward to that will get us out of the office or house for a few hours. It may not be much but social interaction is good for the soul.

6. Family/Friends Event

This is one of the main reasons why I got so involved with going to live events. It’s a great way to spend time with the ones you care about. When I was a kid it was my dad and grandpa who took me to my first Husker game and many more after. To this day those are still some of my favorite memories. Remember the last second Hail Mary against Northwestern in 2013? My dad was sitting right next to me when it happened and it made the moment that much more special.

How about Colorado in 2010? I was sitting in the northwest section of the stadium with my grandpa as Alex Henry kicked that 57 yarder for the win. It was one of the last games I got to sit with him at. Again, it’s not the same sitting at home.

Sporting events bring people together all over the world. From folks playing rugby in South America to that horse and goat game (Buzkashi) Rambo Played in Rambo III. Everyone shows up. Political and cultural identities are pushed to the side on game day.

7. Being a Part of History

No Sit Sunday! Standing the entire game and yelling at the top of your lungs to will a win against a ranked Wisconsin team. You go to the game and you just might very well see an event that folks will be talking about for years to come. Where do you want to be? At home or where history is being made?

8. Halftime Entertainment

You rarely get to see the halftime show on TV and now that we are in the Big Ten there are some top notch marching bands at each and every game. My philosophy, if the marching band can freeze their tails off then so can I. Also, Husker basketball always has some sort of entertainment. Who couldn’t forget this?

9. Weather

Some of the most memorable game’s I’ve gone to are in the rain, sleet, and snow. There have been many iconic games that were in inclement weather across the nation. Weather adds to the experience, good or bad and hot or cold.

Now, if you’re elderly or your body doesn’t deal well with the elements this doesn’t apply for you. For everyone else, suck it up pansies…

10. Watching People Get Arrested

There’s nothing better than seeing drunken Hawkeye fans get taken out of a stadium on a cold autumn afternoon.

These are just my top reasons why I think it’s better to go to a live sporting event. Please feel free to critique and add any you think should be included.

- GBR!!!