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Big Red Cobcast: A Real Meat-Grinder

Only 53 days until kickoff. Only 53 days until kickoff. Only 53 days until kickoff.

People like to get behind the curtain. They want to know how the proverbial sausage is made. It's why people attend high school football camps in Oak Park, Calif., and it's why they line up 3,000 deep outside Memorial Stadium in June. They want to see all of the moving gears that lead up to the Saturday afternoon machinery. It's not just the future NFL talent. People want to see Keith Williams and Trent Bray at work, how they handle top-flight athletes. They want to see how the coaching staff interacts with recruits and each other. They want to see all of the intricacies and minutiae at work.

Because this is what Husker fans crave, this is what bring them at the Big Red Cobcast. Are we unprofessional when we're constantly checking our audio levels? No. We're giving Husker fans insight into how a first-rate podcast is made. You want to see the sausage? We're showing you our sausages.

And in the depths of summer, there is plenty of sausage to show. Is our sausage (humor) a bit bent this time of year? Sure. But we're pulling it out and bearing it all for every last Husker fan to see. 

So enjoy our sausages this week.

*Sorry, guys. Only 53 days until kickoff*