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Nebraska Football Opening Friday Night Lights Camps For The Fans To Watch

Dare to fight the heat? Then you can come hang with the Huskers as they open the camp scene up locally.

Ryan Tweedy

The three Friday Night Lights camps that the Nebraska Cornhuskers start this weekend. And, yes, you can come watch them all perform.

Nebraska is flinging open the doors and letting you, the fan, come watch all three camps. We headed on over to the Big Red Football School site for the details in the endeavor. They read as follows:

The only camps open for public viewing are the Friday Night Lights Camps on 6/10, 6/17 & 6/24.

Entrance & Exit to Memorial Stadium will be through Gate 11 only Camps will run from 6pm-9pm

Public viewing of camp is based on safe weather conditions and can be cancelled at any time at the discretion of camp staff.

If public viewing is cancelled during a camp everyone must exit all athletic facilities.

I don't have a gist on who is visiting for the first weekend yet, but when I do I'll make sure you all know.

Remember, go have fun, take water if you go, but don't offer anyone a ham sandwich from Eric Crouch.