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After seeing a camp like this in action, it begs to question, "What the hell is Nick Saban, the NCAA or any other nay-sayers talking about? This camp was the most positive thing I've seen at a high school. It was like football prom or football graduation or football study hall. It was pretty great.

Pat has covered the basics in his article here. So go read that for the facts. I'm pure, raw emotion, baybay. Factless, tactless and classless. That's my motto.

Coach Williams is moving up my favorite parts of Husker football. We'll be talking about him in 20 years. He's special. Coaches Bray and Parella were also high on my list of people to watch.

Honestly, all the coaches were on top of it. The camp ran smooth, in spite of the fires. Just like my old high school drama teacher used to say, "Adversity breeds success".

So check out the pictures, check out the podcast and go on twitter and check out our periscopes from the event and see for yourself.

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