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Nebraska Football's Calabasas Camp Moved To Oak Park HS Due To Wildfires

The camp is still on, but a different venue had to be chosen.

Calabasas is under duress
Calabasas is under duress
Jeannette Crawshaw/Twitter

The Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching staff was set to go to Calabasas High School just outside of Los Angeles this morning for a satellite camp with Hawaii. This was set up to feature all of the Nebraska camps, with commits Tristan Gebbia and Keyshawn Johnson Jr there, as well as targets of Darnay Holmes and Brendan Radley-Hines.

Mother Nature, however, had other plans.

These fires are no joke. And, they are also affecting Calabasas HS.

However, the school and company hosting the camp is still a go. Granted, some stuff had to change, like the venue.

We have the guys from The Big Red Cobcast out there in Ryan Tweedy and Pat Janssen. If we see any updates, we'll throw them here, but it's better to follow the Corn Nation Twitter account just in case.