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Nebraska Breweries: Last Summer's Updates and This Summer's Preview

Updating you on changes to last year's covered breweries, and giving a head's up on this summer.

Last Summer, we here at CornNation took time to introduce our readers to some of Nebraska's best Breweries. All of last summer's pieces can be found here.

As mentioned last summer, my wife and I are investors in Blue Blood Brewing here in Lincoln. In early May, Blue Blood opened a new location at 925 Robber's Cave Road in Lincoln. The new location not only has the brewing operation, but there's a full restaurant along with the historic Robber's Cave, a site steeped in Old West lore.

Infusion Brewing, with a taproom located in Downtown Benson, has opened a new production facility in Omaha to help grow their production and distribution.

This year, the state legislature introduced and passed L.B. 1105, which was signed in to law by Governor Ricketts on April 18th. The heart of the law is to create a craft beer board for the state of Nebraska to help grow the craft brewing industry in the state.

I mentioned quite a few breweries at the end of last summer. Bottle Rocket in Seward is online and brewing. In the old boiler room at the Grand Manse in downtown Lincoln, there's now Boiler Brewing Company.

As with last summer, the goal will be to get these great, local breweries some much-deserved press. Everyone's taste in beer is different, but there are so many breweries in Nebraska making delicious beer, and I'd love to see more Nebraska products represented at tailgates throughout Lincoln in the fall.

Pieces will be up every Friday between now and when I go back to work in August. Please leave feedback in the comments, and let me know about any I've missed.