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Corn Flakes: Harvey Perlman’s Last Day, Nebraska Wins West, Ole Miss Cheating

It’s Harvey’s last day as Chancellor of Nebraska, will Nebraska win the Big Ten West and is Ole Miss cheating like a virus?

Nebraska Football vs Miami Hurricanes: Photo Gallery

Today is Harvey Perlman’s last day as Chancellor of the University of Nebraska.

I’m sure the next guy, Ronnie Green, will do much better. The big question is - will we stick with the same conspiracy theory that Shawn Eichorst was sent to destroy the Nebraska athletic department, or will we come up with new ones?

It would be much more fun to come up with new ones.

Morrill Hall to offer free admission Thursday nights in July | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Visitors can pose with the plesiosaur and mingle with the mammoths in Morrill Hall for free on Thursday nights in July. The University of Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall, south of 14th and Vine streets, will offer visitors free admission from 4:30 to 8 p.m. July 7, 14, 21 and 28.

Mingle with the mammoths. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Picking college football's conference dark horses for 2016 -

The favorites: Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State

In other words, the usual subjects. Then there’s maybe the possibility that Nebraska could win the conference, and certainly win the Big Ten West, mostly because nobody knows what the hell is going to happen in the West. (Well, they don’t in the East either, but they can on a hullabaloo about the top three).

Five Big Ten teams ranked in Phil Steele’s Preseason Top 25 " Big Ten Network

There are five Big Ten teams ranked in Steele’s Preseason Top 25, highlighted by Ohio State at No. 6. Michigan is ranked No. 12 in Steele’s rankings, while defending Big Ten champion Michigan State comes in at No. 13. Iowa is slated at No. 14, and Nebraska rounds out Steele’s Big Ten teams at No. 22.

So, basically Phil has us behind Iowa in the race in the West, but he has us as his #2 Most Improved Team in 2016. This sounds like a guy who wants to sell a lot of magazines, doesn’t it?

The mothership’s Jason Kirk has Nebraska projected to win the Big Ten West and sends us to the Outback Bowl against Florida. He has a college football playoff consisting of LSU, Clemson, TCU, and Michigan.

Nebraska Football: A glimpse into the mind of a Husker fan | isportsweb

This upcoming season, I’m wiping the slate clean and pretending that last year never happened. I have cleared my mind and am rooting for this nice guy they call Mike Riley. He has such a calm demeanor and gives off the impression that he never panicked because maybe he has a plan after all. I feel like a kid again with all of this hope.

I am guessing this applies to a LOT of people.

Report: Texas Longhorns Baseball Hires David Pierce - Burnt Orange Nation

Per a report, Tulane baseball coach David Pierce will become the fifth man to helm Texas baseball since 1911.

How good will David Pierce's Texas baseball team be in 2017? - Burnt Orange Nation

Texas will be returning most of last year's roster. Can David Pierce be the solution to getting the 'Horns back to Omaha?

This is kinda quick isn’t it?

Olympic swimming trials 2016 results: Michael Phelps officially qualifies for Rio, making history -

Michael Phelps is the first USA male swimmer to make it to five Olympic games after winning the 200-meter butterfly finals at the Olympic trials on Wednesday.

Minnesota Wrestling: J Robinson can’t keep coaching after this - The Daily Gopher

The most recent news reported by STrib doesn’t help the embattled coach look any better.

What Things Would Look Like Had Penn State Not Joined The Big Ten - Black Shoe Diaries

In a world where Penn State joins the ACC instead of the Big Ten, would things be much different today?

If 2016's bowl season doesn't have enough 6-win teams, these NCAA APR scores could settle it -

Duke and a bunch of Big Ten teams improved their chances of going bowling in 2016, thanks to an NCAA number that tries to measure academic progress by players.

The Case Against Ole Miss: How will the NCAA choose to punish the Rebels?

After releasing a detailed Notice of Allegations, the NCAA must decide how to punish Ole Miss in college football's new world order.

The theory in SEC circles is simple. If Ole Miss doesn't get hit hard after significant academic fraud, heavy booster involvement and a nationally televised admission of a player taking money, the SEC West will turn into the Wild Wild West. The NCAA has a chance to make a statement as a deterrent for future behavior.


The world doesn’t seem to keen these days on rules and accountability, so we’re going to pay the price for it, hoping that it doesn’t directly affect us. I’d say you should pay attention to what happens at Ole Miss; but it may take a while for anything to happen. As the article points out, it takes forever to investigate and the NCAA is mostly reliant on someone spilling their guts; someone with a grudge against the program which automatically makes them suspect by every fan of said program.

Fans of said program rationalize that their guy really isn’t the demon he’s made out to be, while the rest of us call for them to be burned to the ground. All the while there’s enough money in college football to keep lawyers fat and happy filing lawsuits and injunctions, lengthening any process until it’s a farce.

The glaring problems at play here:

  • Other than operating as a holding company for dollars, the NCAA looks obsolete and farcical. They have little in the way of enforcement. This isn’t anything new, but because our society’s "the end justifies the means" attitude, the consequences are greater than they used to be.
  • There is little incentive for Nebraska (or anyone else) to stay clean if nothing happens to programs like Ole Miss that are breaking NCAA rules. Will Nebraska just give up and join in the Wild Wild West? It might be interesting.

Watch what happens with Ole Miss and others, at least try, until you become bored or the next big scandal comes along. Then wonder how far this virus will spread.


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Minnesotans for Nebraska Golf Outing - July 25th

MN4NE will be having their annual golf outing on July 25th. Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning will be the speaker at the after-golf dinner. If you don't golf (I don't, but plan to get there for dinner), you can sign up for just the dinner. More information can be found in the attached PDF.

Husker Salute 2016 Golf Scramble

July 22nd, 2016 at the Plattview, Nebraska Golf Club. Eric Crouch, you know, that guy who won a Heisman Trophy, will be there. More specific information and registration can be found here!