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Corn Flakes: Dan Mullen & Mississippi State Lets A 5-Star Woman Beater In His Program

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There had to be some of you who believed that college football history was made when Art Briles was dismissed for ignoring sexual assaults at Baylor, the idea being that "even highly successful college coaches can be fired because of the scandals they bring to their universities".

Maybe you had this notion that other college coaches would be more careful about the players they allow on campus, whether that player be an incoming recruit or an already enrolled student athlete.

I admire your optimism and your hope for the future, but unfortunately you are so sadly naive.

Mississippi State knows no shame by admitting recruit facing assault charge | FOX Sports

One week after Art Briles lost his job at Baylor for a sexual assault scandal involving his football program, Mississippi State opted to admit Jeffery Simmons. In March, the five-star defensive line recruit was caught on tape throwing a flurry of punches at a woman on the ground.

There's the rationalization. Then there's the meaningless one game suspension in the name of "accountability".

Mississippi State suspends its top freshman 1 minor game for punching a woman -

Mississippi State suspended its top freshman one minor game for punching a woman on video.

There's a part of us that wants this to blow up in Mississippi State's face, but the unfortunate result of that explosion is the creation of another victim.

The best possible thing that could happen here is that Simmons goes on to become a model citizen, has a great career, graduates, and becomes a product member of society.

Jeffery Simmons Suspended One Game, Enrolled With "Conditions" - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

After learning that he was enrolled earlier in the week, the punishment for Simmons has officially been made public. Simmons doesn't appear to have been a person who caused problems prior to this...

And rationalization.

Kellenberger: Simmons penalty is disappointing

But what are we doing here if we’re going to go ahead and say the punishment for beating the hell out of a woman is missing the South Alabama game?

They have to change this. If Mississippi State wants to maintain any credibility, or any chance of leeway, a one game suspension isn't going to cut it as "accountability".

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban still determining OT Cam Robinson's status after arrest

Alabama coach Nick Saban told on Wednesday he is still determining the status of offensive tackle Cam Robinson and what action to take, but said the door remains open for Robinson to play for the Crimson Tide next season.

In the meantime, you have Saban trying to take the moral high ground on satellite camps. They're bad for football. They're making a mockery of recruiting.

The hypocrisy never ends.

Richie Incognito: From bullying scandal to Bills revival

Incognito was rendered essentially unemployable for almost a year and a half, and though he is now in the midst of a major career rehabilitation in Buffalo, he knows that going from being painted a total pariah in Miami to a respected pillar in the Bills locker room remains an impossibly tough sell for some.

Do Husker fans claim Ritchie Incognito? He never really made it through at Nebraska; if you remember correctly, he had a fair amount of issues, was suspended by Frank Solich and ultimately kicked off the team by Bill Callahan (or, technically, never removed from suspension by Callahan. Does it matter? The result is the same.)

I don't care either way, just curious as to what the community thinks.

Bo Pelini's former staff to receive total compensation of over $1.9 million from Huskers - Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos

Parting ways with Bo Pelini and the rest of his Husker football coaching staff after the 2014 season cost Nebraska close to $8.5 million when tallying the final money paid to his assistants.

Make your hiring and firing decisions wisely.

Oklahoma Fans Are Now Calling For The Sooners To Leave The Big 12 | College Spun

"We should leave the Big 12." The above statement appeared to be a popular sentiment among Oklahoma fans on social media Wednesday night. The "let's leave!" feeling was propelled by the conference's

The Bleak Picture of Purdue Football Financials - Hammer and Rails

We knew it was bad, but not this bad.

Art Briles Releases Statement to KWTX and ESPN's Mike and Mike - Our Daily Bears

He also points out that the "complete scope of what happened here has not been disclosed," claims to have not seen any of the Pepper Hamilton report. He says, "I can only assume that the report, which is not independent, supports the conclusions already drawn."

Good grief. Stop putting disclaimers on everything. Briles wishes to paint himself as a scapegoat, which means that his attitude about what he's done (or rather failed to do) hasn't changed, and that means that if he finds another job somewhere else, he's likely to do the same thing again.

So if you have a daughter going to school somewhere, make sure she's not attending the school at which he's employed. Is that a bit much? Have I painted Briles in too harsh a light?

Every mountain of trash starts with a single wrapper. If you want to clean it up, you start by picking it up piece by piece, one at a time.

You have to make a stand somewhere, and you might as well start with him.

Baylor Bears recruit Devin Duvernay may be free to sign elsewhere after NLI paperwork error

Recruit Devin Duvernay may be released from his NLI to Baylor after the school never submitted his paperwork, his family and sources with the Big 12 told ESPN.

Again, horrible behavior.

Then There's This:

Nebraska is smartly encouraging the growth of both craft beer and hops

Don’t look now, but Nebraska’s brewing scene is getting ready to make a name for itself. Sure, the state already had some great brands like Zipline Brewing Co., Empyrean Brewing Co., the Nebraska Brewing Co. and so on, but no industry can truly scale up and hit that higher level of prominence without help and encouragement from the state. This is why Nebraska is poising itself for a leap — the state is wising up and both rolling back regulations where appropriate and incentivizing behavior in other areas to encourage the growth of local craft beer.

If you call "help and encouragement from the state" getting the hell out of the way with inane laws and too much regulation, I'd agree.