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Big Red Cobcast: Dear Jon

We have our fearless leader, founder of Corn Nation - Jon Johnston, join us this week.

We don't take the time to thank our fearless leader, Jon Johnston, for all that he does. A lot of your favorite Husker writers and what not, got their start at CN. Jon said, "you want to write? Why? I guess you can, if you hate yourself that much." And the rest is history.

This podcast is different because we have a new generation in the mix. Jon's not quite a "blue hair" but definitely not one of the cool kids, like Pat and I. Jon has seen his share of Husker moments, which I believe changes your perspective. If you're 50 and the sellout streak ends it's different than, say, if you're 35, which is very different if your 15. It was nice to have Jon's "old guy brain" to hear ideas from, for a change.

We talk about the sell out streak, recruiting and the *greatness that is Jon Johnston.

*beer drinker

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