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SDR: Nebraska Makes The Cut For WR Jamire Calvin Monday Night

The Huskers are still the favorite for the Cali Wideout after his tweet.

Student Sports

- The biggest news for the night, as you see in the headline, is Nebraska making the cut (and are still the favorite) for Cali Wide Receiver Jamire Calvin tonight.

It will be interesting to see how Notre Dame plays in this chase. I still expect Calvin to be a Husker verbal soon enough. Why? Oh, just a hunch..

- Nebraska is still in the top list for another Los Angeles Wide Receiver in Nick Pickett, although it seems like a while since Nebraska heard from him or vice versa.

One has to think that Pickett is a backup plan if Calvin or Tyjon Lindsey does not commit to Nebraska. That being said, Pickett does come from the same High School as Deommodore Lenoir and Rahyme Johnson. The former is committed to Oregon, and the latter is deciding between Nebraska and Oregon.

Right now, Pickett does not have an offer to Oregon, but looks like he’s angling for one. Supposedly, Pickett is currently a big time Utah or Washington State lean here. Folks should only expect Nebraska to get back in the picture if several guys jump out of the picture.

- Monday started a seemingly much-needed dead period for recruiting, lasting from June 27th through to July 10th. This is oddly enough in the middle of a quiet period that lasts from June 1st through August 31st. With all the talk of satellite camps in the month of June, who knew it was a quiet period?