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SDR: Where Nebraska Football Stands After Friday Night Lights & The Offer The Huskers Shouldn't Give

When should you NOT offer a kid inside the 500-mile range? Also, trying to sort out where Nebraska stands after Friday night.

Can Neb flip this kid from Arizona?
Can Neb flip this kid from Arizona?
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Time to sort out some things from the final Friday Night Lights that the Nebraska Cornhuskers had this season:

- An interesting type of logjam here at Running Back has intrigued itself, with two completely good takes in Nathan Tilford and Jamari Peacock has set itself up for a good thing for Nebraska right now.

Word on the street is that Mike Riley and Reggie Davis will only be taking 1 RB this cycle, so that makes an interesting predicament for these two. The way that Tilford has been to two camps for Nebraska (the Calabasas one and in Lincoln), one has to think he’s the main guy the Huskers staff is going to be waiting for.

But, what does that make of Peacock? Many thought that he’d commit to Florida State, but now he would be a no-take for the Seminoles. That leaves Virginia to be the leader in this clubhouse on Peacock. However, Nebraska seemingly has boosted up on his board.

How long will the staff wait on Tilford, and how long will Peacock wait on the staff and Tilford? That is a situation worth watching here in the not too distant future.

- The other interesting move here is Daron Davis, the Missouri verbal who literally showed up unannounced to anyone.

The first idea here is that Davis is a Wide Receiver, so you would take him as that. Well, if you’re waiting on Jamire Calvin, Tyjon Lindsey and such, where do you put him? Davis currently doesn’t have an offer, but he wants to come back for a OV this fall. If he offers, one has to think that it’s a commitable offer. If he commits, you could have himself, McQuitty, Keyshawn and the Calvin/Lindsey combo here. Does Nebraska literally need 20% of their class in the same position group?

I suppose that’s a great problem to have, but at the same time, well what else do you do?

- One guy that didn’t get an offer so far (as of Sunday night) is Anthony Payne, the Kansas City Defensive Lineman that is tight with McQuitty.

One of the questions I would have for Payne is where does he play? He seems to be a real big tweener in between DT and DE in college. Hence, this could be the issue with all his offers being odd and all over the place.

Plus, another issue that many aren’t thinking of is that Nebraska already had a pretty damn good Defensive Tackle visitor the previous week in Damion Daniels, plus Robert Porcher IV this weekend as well.

Porcher really digs what he saw in Lincoln, to the point he could be your next commitment. If Nebraska hits on Porcher, who is higher on the board between Daniels and Payne? That’s the million dollar question in whether Payne gets that offer or not.

- Joseph Lewis liked what he saw. And he wants to come back again.


Some other news and notes:

- Nothing revolutionary here, but a nice interview with Nebraska WR target Tyjon Lindsey here

- I’m not one to say that I don’t want kids that other Power 5 schools are pursuing to not visit Nebraska. However, I’m making an exception here in the case of Juan Harris.

Harris (on his private twitter) has made a point about wanting to visit both Nebraska and Illinois on his own dime. Nebraska should probably skip on this one, and that's not only because of what I spoke of in the above words.

Harris has been, shall we say, flaky on committing. He's been a multiple time commit to Iowa. He has also been a multiple time decommitment to Iowa.

If you look at the timeline of Harris, you’ll notice this about him:

12/1/2014 - commit

1/01/2015 - decommit

1/18/2015 - commit

3/15/2015 - decommit

6/15/2015 - commit

6/15/2016 - decommit

Three commits, three deco’s, most in the matter of 6 months. I mean, two of them in the same day a year apart!! Do you really want a guy like that in the fold in Lincoln? I know I wouldn’t, even though his offer sheet seems pretty solid. He's proven he's going to be an issue all the way to NSD.

- A late addition, but I fully expect the Huskers to be the leader with Notre Dame in this fray.