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Tweetcap: Nebraska Football Shines & Gets Surprised In Their Final Friday Night Lights Of 2016

The crowd was huge, a couple of surprises and one big time show was turned in at Memorial Stadium.

Twitter/Andrew Bienka

The Nebraska Cornhuskers finished their three week Friday Night Lights in style this evening, with the biggest turnout of the month & some glowing statements from the participants.

First and foremost, the crowd. The crowd was SOMETHING.

Word from the street says over 2000 people came. For a three hour camp.

While there, they were treated to the fanfare that was touted to arrive. One visitor that I didn’t include yesterday (due to seeing nothing confirming it) was Anthony Payne, who goes to the same HS as Jaevon McQuitty.

Payne & McQuitty sounds like they are splitting town early though, but only for a 7 on 7 tournament that’s in Kansas City tomorrow.

Speaking of Kansas City, sounds like a Mizzou verbal arrived unexpectedly tonight, and turned some heads. Remember, it’s on his own dime.

But, it sounds like the person who stole the show is 2018 CB Calabasas prospect Brendan Radley-Hines. He shined big time.

It sounds like Bookie went hard against fellow Calibraska guy Joseph Lewis and they shared their fair sort of wins.


So, what to make out of all this? Well, the fanbase support, as well as so many stars had to impress a lot of folks both on the field and in the stands observing.

I would suspect that Nebraska will see the benefits of these past 3 weeks more and more in the not too distant future. But, take the words of the participants for yourself.