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Big Red Cobcast: HIJACKED!!! Part 2

Bob Wiltfong (The Daily Show, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) hijacks our Cobcast for the second straight week.

From The Desk Of Bob Wiltfong:

Picture yourself sitting in Memorial Stadium on game day 30 years from now.

Nebraska is in the middle of another so-so season, finishing around .500 for the year. The players are wearing flags around their waists — because tackling in football is no longer legal — and there are a number of empty seats. The sell-out streak ended a long time ago. Ticket prices simply got too high for too little demand and, frankly, why sit in a cramped stadium watching a mediocre product when you can get a better experience in the comfort of your own home via your virtual reality console?

This may sound like a ridiculous scenario, and it very well may be, but it’s a future that some people (like me) can see happening given the current landscape of college football.

The medical research on brain injury and football is not kind right now. The game is at a crossroads where it must figure out how to make it safer for the athletes who play it. In my opinion, it must evolve or die. And how many more seats can the University add to Memorial Stadium before the price of the ticket prevents fans from filling them all?

These are issues I ran by Greg Sharpe on the Big Red Cobcast this week. As the current voice of the Huskers, Greg has a unique perspective on things. I think you’ll enjoy his interview.

And do you know who Bill Straub is? He’s the head coach of bowling at Nebraska, a program that has won 12 national championships under Straub’s leadership. Get to know the man and how this Lincoln native has created a dynasty in the sport.

This is my last week of hijacking the Cobcast. Next week, Ryan, Pat and the Canale brothers will be back in their chairs. They are no doubt checking their mic levels as we speak.

It’s been fun! Go Big Red!

Bob Wiltfong

[Editor's Note] Our levels are fine.

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