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2016-17 Nebraska Big Ten Basketball Games

The Husker now know the conference lineup for the upcoming season

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Big Ten teams that Nebraska will play this year has been released. The breakdown is as follows. Dates and times will come later on.

Teams that Nebraska will play home & away. That’s twice this season for those of you counting at home:

  • Iowa
  • Northwestern
  • Michigan State
  • Michigan
  • Ohio State

Teams that Nebraska will only play once at home this season:

  • Penn State
  • Purdue
  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin

Teams That Nebraska will only play once on the road this season:

  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Rutgers

Initial Thoughts

Iowa loses a lot from last season’s squad. It will be interesting to see what kind of transition this season will be for them. Both games should be well attended by both fan bases. Why you ask? Because, we love each other.

Nortwestern had a pretty good run last year until they hit the conference slate. They’re a young team but bring back enough talent to be a problem for the Huskers. The Wildcats did win both games against the Big Red last year. Folks, the smart kids are learning to play basketball.

Michigan State is a team Nebraska loves to upset. While the Spartans did lose their top scorers last year they do have the talent to replace a lot of that productivity. Will Nebraska be able to beat Michigan State twice on the hard court in one year?

Michigan was hit by the injury bug last year which hurt their chances to really excel. Can they stay healthy enough this year to challenge the top?

While Purdue loses big man A.J. Hammonds they will have more than enough to back that up on the court. Nebraska has had problems in the past with the Boilermaker’s size and this year might not be too much different.

Illinois is a team coming off a very bad year and their young roster will not help them much coming into this next one.

Penn State is going to have a young and fairly talented team with Pat Chambers recruiting some talent to Happy Valley. If they mesh well early on they could be a force in the middle of the conference.

Ohio State is also fairly young and has more talent than Penn State so let’s say that they should be at the bottom of the top this upcoming year. Maybe even better. Maybe....

Crean finally had a great season at Indiana and should have the components to make another run for the top of the conference. It would make me a little more comfortable if this was a home game.

Melo Tremble is coming back to Maryland for his junior season. This does not bode well for anyone in the conference.

Wisconsin had a heck of a year even with Bo Ryan’s retirement 12 games into the season. This years team returns a lot of the talent that took them to the Sweet 16.

Minnesota is....

Rutgers is...

There ya go folks. The conference slate for the upcoming season. Hopefully they can nail down the dates at times before football season.

Well, we can wish can’t we?