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Corn Flakes Is Out of Touch

I was on vacation. There is news. Cleveland wins, the Russians are attempting to bring back the Cold War and Anton Yelchin was killed.

Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Watch Game Seven In Cleveland Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

I took a week’s vacation, heading to Los Angeles to bring my daughter who attends school out there a car, so I’m fairly out of touch with what’s going on this week. I’ll spare you most of the details about the vacation other than having the car break down outside Las Vegas because our Ford dealership didn’t repair a wheel bearing like they said they did.

The right rear bearing was just loud at first, but I decided to keep going (where you going to find a place to repair your vehicle at a moment’s notice in the middle of nowhere?). About 50 miles from Las Vegas, it started drifting, and at that point it was time to give up, sit in the desert and wait for a tow truck. Making a mistake while suffering a blowout or losing a tire doing 75 mph with that many semis on a road is a good way to get your family killed. We had already seen the results of someone in a SUV losing a tire at a high rate of speed earlier in the trip; it left us wondering how many died in a vehicle that was completely destroyed.

Thanks to AAA the wait was only a couple hours, and the guy that showed up took us to a mechanic in Mesquite, Nevada where we stayed at a casino. I resolved to try the slots, but between the cigarette smoke and not being able to tell if 50% of the people playing them were dead or alive, I decided against it. The mechanic repaired the bearing by around 1 pm the next day, and didn’t charge us nearly as much I I thought he would.

We nearly made it to LA. Mrs CN noticed a large bulge in the right rear tire. Again we’re out of time to get it repaired, so we stay in a hotel another night, get it replaced first thing in the morning and finally arrive to see our daughter on Wednesday, fully two days late.

The first thing we all do together is go to Huntingdon Beach where I turn myself into a lobster. Thankfully, things went up from there. I’ll spare you the rest of the details.

This is how empty June is. I just told you about my vacation. That is really sad.

I turned on the 4th period of game seven last night to watch Lebron James win Cleveland a NBA title. I was rooting just a little more for Cleveland than for Golden State for three reasons:

  • So I can make the statement that Lebron James is now greater than Michael Jordan. Even though I have no idea what I’m talking about, that statement really irritates the shit out of people.
  • Tyronn Lue
  • For Cleveland. Why can’t Cleveland have something nice for once? The Drew Carey show has been on reruns for years, and other than that I can’t name a single decent thing about Cleveland.

The College World Series is happening.

I didn’t watch the games, but here’s the updated brackets. Are you paying attention, and have you picked a favorite?

Miami plays Santa Barbara in an elimination game this afternoon.

Euro 2016

One of the sports stories I paid attention to was the violence that was occurring at Euro 2016. Russian hooligans attacked and beat the hell out of several English fans, putting some in the hospital.

Claims have been made that the actions of the Russian hooligans were sanctioned by Vladimir Putin:

The British officials were quoted as saying that many of the hooligans were in the uniformed services and that their actions appeared to be a continuation of President Vladimir Putin's 'hybrid warfare' against the West.

But the Kremlin rubbished the claims, with spokesman Dmitry Peskov telling the Interfax news agency: 'This is yet another example... of anti-Russian hysteria.'

Having lived through the Cold War it’s hard to not put some credence into the claim. Russia (Putin) appears to do whatever he wants with the claim inside his own country always the same - “They hate Russia” mantra. It appears to be very effective, at least internally.

Putin, speaking at a question and answer session at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, said he wondered how '200 of our fans beat up several thousands English fans.'

Nice shot by Vladimir.

I’d think you could stop this behavior by telling fans that if there is any violence whatsoever that their team will be removed from competition,

Other News:

The NCAA might replace satellite camps with its own camps at pro facilities -

More regulation and some national organization could appease critics of these camps, and using the NFL's map coverage could work really well.

It won’t matter. Someone will always be bitching about something.

Why Archie Griffin's brother is suing NCAA, Big Ten over concussions -

In an interview with CBS Sports, Griffin said he became "a different person" in future years, including getting involved with drugs and alcohol and making "major mistakes" in his life. For the longest time, Griffin said, he didn't understand why he acted that way. He believes he now knows.

Open letter: Gang-rape survivor prepares to face Nebraska football coach Mike Riley |

Hate. Anger. Resentment. Disgust. Those were the feelings that filled my heart and my mind when I heard the name coach Mike Riley or when I had the unfortunate circumstance of thinking about him or that fateful night in Corvallis when my life was forever changed by his players.

I am interested in what comments everyone has about this. We are at a very low traffic time, so I don’t expect a lot.

This takes a fair amount of courage for both Riley and Brenda Tracy. Riley because there’s really nothing in it for him compared to the risk that it could go horribly wrong; Tracy because she’s willing to publicly talk about what happened to her and confront her feelings about it with Riley and the Nebraska football team.

Jonathan Rose among ex-Huskers to crack CFL rosters | Life in the Red |

There's a slew of ex-Huskers surviving final roster cuts in the Canadian Football League.

Then There’s This:

Anton Yelchin was killed by his own vehicle, police say

Anton Yelchin, a rising actor best known for playing Chekov in the new "Star Trek" films, was killed by his own car as it rolled down his driveway, police and his publicist said.

This sucks. He was excellent.