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Nebraska Baseball: The Oklahoma State Q&A With Cowboys Ride For Free

Our SBNation brethren from Stillwater helped us out with some good stuff in advance of tomorrow's game.

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The last time Nebraska Baseball made a NCAA Baseball tournament, they went to Stillwater and was eliminated with two losses to Cal State Fullerton inside Reynolds Stadium.

Tomorrow, both Oklahoma State and Nebraska return to double elimination play in a NCAA Regional as they are the first matchup in the Clemson regional, with the Tigers and Western Carolina set to go later that day.

We reached out to our friends over at Cowboys Ride For Free, the SBNation Oklahoma State community to find out more about these Cowboys that the Huskers will be rebooting their series against. Their outgoing site manager, Gerald Tracy, took some time to help us out with some of our questions on Cowboys Baseball.

We thank Gerald for his answers to our inquiries, and invite you to be a gracious guest and check out their coverage this weekend as well.


Could you give us a scouting report on likely Friday starter Thomas Hatch? A Tommy John Surgery comeback story, Hatch seems like a true ace, but after throwing three straight complete games, he has been relatively hard hit the last three games is he tiring?

That's a heck of a question and one I've been pondering myself. He's the only Cowboy with over 100 innings pitched and has 92 strikeouts. That surgery has got to be at least nagging at him a bit. But the guys been very successful this year, so I'd put money on this slump ending, especially with the break between games he's had. Also consider the .235 Opponent batting average he's carrying.

J.R. Davis and Donnie Walton lead the Cowboys offensively, but behind them it looks to be a bunch of below average hitters. Do the Cowboys string together a lot of hits, or do are they just lucky?

It's been more of a on/off thing all year. Benge and Costello are solid and Theroux has that VERY RARE flash of brilliance that was expected of him. But it's weird, it's always the teams they shouldn't score against they end up lighting up. I don't get it either.

Oklahoma State is just 3-5 in neutral site games this year, how do you think the Cowboys will do at Clemson? How many Oklahoma State fans would you expect to travel?

Not many will. We have a lot of alums out there but I'm sure it's a bit of a haul out there for most. I think they may win one or two games but I'm not sure they make it out of the regional.

Is there a true stopper in the bullpen? Carson Teel has the only ERA below 3, and Tyler Buffett has 9 saves, but no one appears to be the flame thrower shutdown reliever. If Oklahoma State is in trouble, who are they most likely to turn too?

You might see some Garrett Williams or Joe Lienhard

Do you miss having Nebraska in the Big 12 for baseball?

I miss having Nebraska, period. That's just one guys opinion though