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Nebraska Football Will Host 5-Star WR Joseph Lewis During Friday Night Lights Tomorrow

The big time Cali WR target is just one of several notable campers coming to Lincoln tomorrow.

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The second weekend of Friday Night Lights this weekend already has it's marquee visitor lined up.

5-star composite Wideout Joseph Lewis will be visiting on his own dime for the Friday night camp, the same camp that is open to the public.

Lewis is obviously the lead guy here, but there are several other notable visitors this weekend, including..

Bando is a interesting thought here in that he’s a local kid (Lincoln Southeast) but he’s at the IMG Academy right now.

Husker commit Matt Sichterman will be there with his brother Dan, who projects to be a Defensive End. He would be a take for Nebraska, however with the way that the Huskers are in it with some folks, I wouldn’t think that’s the case right now.

Kurt Rafdal is a interesting thought here. Nebraska is going to take (probably) 3 TE/HB types in this cycle. With the injury to Austin Allen & the thought of Ben Miles possibly being in this cycle as well, could Rafdal be one of the final targets for this?

The 2018 target that is one to follow is Masry Mapieu, who will be hailing out of York. While not ranked, he's gotten a ton of offers from Midwest schools, including Iowa State this past week.

Mapieu has gotten a lot of offers for sure, but are they legit ones or ones that schools are just trying to troll Nebraska with? I doubt the latter, but the Husker staff will get their look Friday with Mapieu.

Don’t forget, YOU by gosh can go out and watch these kids and many more for free.