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Wednesday's Flakes: Another Twitter Beef Comes Around To Keith Williams

News, beef, and music. All for you.

Big Red Cobcast: Calabasas Pics and Interviews! Ryan Tweedy

Good morning. Jill had some real life work stuff to get done today, and Jon is doing his best Hunter S. Thompson heading out around Vegas, so I get your Wednesday links today. I am kind of unprepared for this one, so we’ll just fly by the seat of our pants, shall we?

- It looks like we missed another subtweet war last night between Ohio State WR coach Zack Smith and Nebraska WR coach Keith Williams.

It all started with some stuff that got deleted:

Then it got a little more detailed....

Then Wideouts got notified, and involved.

I’m sure a lot of Ohio State folks will be frying and such about this whole subtweet bullshit, and I get that point. However, if Smith is pissed off that someone like Tyjon Lindsay is still having Nebraska at or ahead of OSU, and this is how he reacts, then I'm perfectly fine with Williams reaction here.

Granted, it still looks tacky as shit from both sides, but good lord why go down that road again and kick up the hornets nest?

- Tight End verbal Austin Allen will miss the next 4 to 6 months following knee surgery for a injury suffered at a Basketball camp, Rivals reported yet. It’s hard to say how this will affect his commitment status with Nebraska, however I would think that the Huskers will be patient and find out how he’s doing come December. He could very well not play any Football this coming year.

- Even with the Silverstone news coming out of the woodwork yesterday, Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst stated that he has not talked to anyone about lowering the donation levels for Nebraska Football season tickets. There is no reason to even consider that right now, considering that you are talking about (now probably) less than 1000 tickets total. But, it is a conversation that you should have after the season, and before renewals head out the e-mail boxes.

It’s interesting that reducing the seating capacity has been mentioned, and something that SE won’t discount looking into the future. Where and how you shrink that will be a discussion for another day, but in my mind, South Stadium is the candidate for something like that to happen.

- Eichorst has also added a "Coaches Council" for the issues brought up in the Silverstone report, which said that AC’s still feel like there’s issues with communication and such.

One would wonder why that wasn't in place already, but it’s good that there will be open dialogue from not just Football & Basketball coaches in that aspect.

(SC&C UPDATE: Remember how we started re-thinking the Big Ten divisions in response to the new SEC model the Mothership proposed? Well, they dropped the Big Ten one today.)

- More tragedy out of Orlando, this time affecting a Nebraska family. A gator took a 2 year old boy into a lagoon near a Disney hotel late Tuesday night. Officials are hopeful they can still find the child.

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