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Big Red Cobcast: HIJACKED!!!

This week the Cobcast has been hijacked by Bob Wiltfong so he could interview Gary Pepin and Greg Sharpe. Ryan, Pat, Joe and Mike all went on a bro-cation together.

* This week's episode has been "HIJACKED" by Bob Wiltfong. He also wrote the article that accompanies it.

From The Desk Of Mr. Bobert Wiltfong:

Truth, truth, lie.

Are you familiar with it? It’s a game where someone gives you three statements: two are true, one is not. You, the audience, must guess which is which.

Here is my truth, truth, lie as to why I am hosting the Big Red Cobcast this week:

1.) I wanted to give Ryan, Pat, Joe and Mike a summer break from having to do a Cobcast every week.

2.) The guys are away attending all of Nebraska football’s satellite camps this summer.

3.) My wife and kids are visiting the in-laws for a couple of weeks, giving me time to geek out on the Big Red.

I played this same game with my first guest on the Cobcast this week. Unfortunately, Husker track and field coach Gary Pepin’s truth, truth, lie had to be cut in this Cobcast due to time. So, as bonus content here on Corn Nation, here are Coach Pepin’s truth, truth, lie statements. You decide which you think is fiction.

1.) Pepin started his college coaching career at University of Kansas as both an assistant track and football coach.

2.) He has coached the most decorated track athlete in Olympic history.

3.) He started his coaching career as a volleyball coach.

I did not play truth, truth, lie with our second guest, Voice of the Huskers, Greg Sharpe. That’s because I know Greg from way back.  I’ll explain how in this episode.

So here’s my truth, truth, lie about what you’ll learn in this week’s Cobcast:

1.) Coach Pepin uses social media to recruit athletes in Latvia.

2.) Greg Sharpe thinks the Husker baseball program is in trouble.

3.) You can do a podcast without having to continually check your audio levels on air.

I hope you like this hijacked Cobcast! I’ll do it again next week. Then it’s back to the grind for Ryan, Pat and the Canales!

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