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Talking Nebraska Football's Defensive Roster With Mark Rogers

Three videos talking about the group that has to get better for Nebraska to improve their record from 2015.

Ryan Tweedy

I hadn't talked Nebraska Cornhuskers Football with our friend Mark Rogers yet, so we went ahead and banged out three total shows. I put them all here for your pleasure.

Mark does talk to a lot of sites (including SBN sites) and does good work on the video part of things, so I invite you to take on the rest of his YouTube channel right here. He mostly keeps it to College Football, although sometimes he does gravitate to other sports as well.

Reminder on these, it is a combination of what he asks me and what I personally feel about the team, you may see it differently, and that is perfectly fine.

First off, Defensive Line:

Next, we hit up the Linebacker crew:

Finally, we talked about the Secondary part of the team:

I do apologize for the sound, I'll have to work with Mark on that in being better with that.