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SDR: Nebraska Makes Top 7 For IMG Wide Reciever With No Husker Offer

Keith Williams must be doing something right for this to happen

Student Sports

- When you are making the top list for a pretty good player from the IMG Academy without even offering him yet, you’re doing the right thing.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have made the list for Wide Receiver Emmanuel Greene, who doesn't even have an offer from the Huskers yet.

Greene is currently a lean to Ohio State, but if the Huskers offer, it sounds like he’ll visit and see what Keith Williams has to offer with Nebraska.

Greene’s name was familiar to me for some reason, then I found this on the internet.

- For those wondering about the Defensive Line recruiting save any Grad Transfers, the Huskers & John Parrella have been doing work with Martin Andrus, and will probably get a visit from him as he put the Huskers in his Top 10.

Nebraska would be having to beat both LA schools and Oregon on this one, but it’s not like the Huskers have been slouches and not fought with the California schools before on this cycle.

- For those that may be thinking that Nebraska is doing nothing but offering Calabasas kids and such, consider the fact that Cornerback Jermani Brown, who was a Calabasas kid but now resides in Virginia, hasn’t gotten one from the Huskers yet. Thing is, Brown is not a slouch at all.

Why Brown hasn’t gotten an offer yet, I can't tell you. Normally it works as Arizona State offers Nebraska verbals/offers, but it hasn’t mattered yet. The fact that it doesn’t seem like many schools are warm on Brown should send off some signals, but I have not heard why.