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SDR: Top WR Joseph Lewis Locks His Visit In, Avery Roberts Makes A SEC Fanbase Mad

When you haven't made it to campus & call out the best RB in College Football, people will notice.

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- The Nebraska Cornhuskers, specifically Keith Williams, has gotten the attention and interest of one of the best WR prospects in the 2016 cycle.

Scout's Greg Biggins got the interview with Lewis, who will be visiting Nebraska for the Oregon game. Arizona, Oklahoma and Oregon are his other targets than USC, and he'll be taking a visit to another school announced at another time.

Here is his interview with Biggins, and there's a lot of Nebraska love in this.

Keith Williams keeps doing work, and while Nebraska is pretty flush with talent both signed and committed to Wideouts, the fact is that Lewis is a must-take for the Huskers if he's really wanting to come.

- Nebraska verbal Avery Roberts hasn't been one to talk much about his recruitment, but he got the entire LSU fanbase in a straight up tizzy the other day with one tweet.

For those not wanting to click, Roberts (in a since then deleted tweet) hinted that, if star LSU running back Leonard Fournette came around the corner, he'd "put him to sleep".

While I very much admire the hustle and such from Avery, you are talking about a freak at RB, and one that can't really be brought down by himself. Plus, you have a fanbase hanging on the only thing their OC can't ruin (yet!), so not a great look.

- Speaking of Avery Roberts, looks like he'll have a friend that he can recruit at the Rivals 5-star challenge, one WR that the Huskers still have high on their board.

Husker target Jamire Calvin will be heading to Atlanta with Roberts to take in the Rivals camp. Hopefully, Roberts will get him trending more Nebraska.

- The Huskers have already taken Austin Allen and have a 5 star at Tight End coming in the '18 cycle in Cameron Jurgens, but keep an eye out on some more names being tossed around for TE this cycle.

A name to watch is Cade Otton, who Nebraska offered back in January. That could be the difference here, as most schools near Otton haven't given in and tossed in that offer.

- If you're looking for a timetable on when Steve Tu'ikolovatu may commit, it should be sometime this week. The former Utah DT visited USC and Alabama as well as Nebraska to play in his final year. Word on the street is that, while it looks good for Nebraska, there's no clear cut favorite.