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Nebraska Recruiting: Huskers Staff Hitting 6 Cities For Satellite Camps This Summer

A couple of new spots are in the eyes of the Nebraska coaching staff this June.

Brian Towle

Well, this is where we are with satellite camps in College Football, where brokers are setting up spots and a plethora of coaching staffs are flocking to join them. And that's what the Nebraska Cornhuskers staff will be doing this summer.

The Huskers, along with many other teams, are joining up with the Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy to take on a 6 city tour during the month of June. Nebraska isn't the only school, however, as it seems that a litany of other schools, both Power 5/BCS stalwarts such as LSU, Michigan State and such and other Group of 5 schools will be coming along for the ride. Some schools like Nebraska will be hitting all the spots, while a few schools will only be taking on a few cities.

Sound Mind Sound Body will be hitting these cities in the month of June, and Nebraska's staff will be heading with them:

Atlanta, Georgia: June 3-4th
Houston, Texas: June 6-7th
Detroit, Michigan: June 9-10th
Tampa, Florida: June 12th
Los Angeles: June 16-17th
Washington DC: June 23-24th

On SMSB's home page, they claim to be the ones that helped Greg Simmons get a spot with Nebraska last year (their spellchecker must have been out to lunch), so it's possible that these are the guys who Nebraska ran a camp last year with. With that being said, why no DiCaprio Bootle love then?

With the proximity of both the camps and the CN staff around America, there's a good chance we can get some coverage for you on these. I attended Riley's camp last year in Dallas, and it was an interesting time that I learned some things about the coaching staff that came to fruition this season, both good and bad.

These SMSB camps sound like there's going to be a ton of kids there, looking for those offers and interest from Power and Group 5 coaches. We'll easily be able to see how much better, or worse, recruiting comes with this whole free for all.