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Twitter Recap: Summer Time!

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

**I came back yesterday from my vacation in Mexico, which is why there was no recap last week. Below are a collection of the best tweets from the past two weeks.**

Remembering a great man.

It’s summer time!

Husker athletes make a life-changing trip to the DR.
Check the Huskers Twitter for the full weeks’ worth of videos.

It looks like Miss Rolfzen won’t be a multi-sport athlete.

Meanwhile for Alicia Armstrong…

Dickie V feeling the Big Red spirit.


*Plays Cheers Theme*

Husker fans are the best.

Does anyone else see the resemblance?

Always up for a good chat.


Who else has tried this place?

He can’t be the only person who does this.

Someone knows their Italian food.

Striving for excellence.

Well then…

I bet he reeled in the ladies.

Just another day down under.

Note for the future.

Upsetting to think about…

Off to Clemson!

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Tuesday morning better. If you missed it, here is the last Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!