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Big Red Cobcast: Super Heroes

The fellas answer hypotheticals and, in the end, we are all better people for it.

Ever wondered who would be a better full back, The Incredible Hulk or Danzig? Me neither. However, we did cover all the possible hypotheticals in this weeks Cobcast.

That's the best part of summer. When there isn't a whole bunch of Husker football to talk about, we get to explore the unexplored. What position would Snooki play? Who would make the best mascot? Would Lebron or MJ make a better wide receiver?

See, these are the questions that nobody has been asking. Why? Who knows. Maybe a fear of being wrong, Maybe they aren't smart enough or maybe they knew that we would do it and probably do it better.

It's probably all three.

My mother always told me, "Ryan, you're gonna make Husker Nation proud. Someday, you'll make an internet radio show and you'll be the Tom Osborne of it and you'll let your stupid ass friends come on and then you will change the trajectory of the Husker football program, post Solich. Also, while you're up , get me a Coors Light."

My mom gets it.

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