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Corn Flakes: Happy Memorial Day!

CornNation wishes you a Happy Memorial Day! Mike Riley will bring Brenda Tracy to Nebraska.

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James Johnston Tombstone Jon Johnston

This is your obligatory reminder that today just isn't about picnics.... well, hell, you know what, it is about picnics. It's about the fact that you can have picnics because other people went out and sacrificed their limbs and sometimes their lives to keep your freedom.

So stuff yourself full of hamburgers, chips, and beer, but maybe take a few moments to reflect on the fact that we mostly take our lives for granted. Maybe say a prayer for those who gave, and for those currently in service.

And tell those around you that you love them because you probably don't do that enough either.

Ohio State claims Big Ten Tournament championship, NCAA berth with incredible 8-7 win over Iowa - Land-Grant Holy Land

An 8-7 win over Iowa in the tournament championship game has the Buckeyes headed to an NCAA regional.

Ohio State baseball advances to Big Ten championship game with 7-3 win over Michigan State - Land-Grant Holy Land

The Buckeyes defeated Michigan State 7-3 for a chance at a championship.

OHIO STATE 8, IOWA 7: END OF THE RIDE - Black Heart Gold Pants

Iowa's quest for a Big Ten title came up just short.

Escape from New Jersey - Off Tackle Empire

New Jersey is a dump. Everyone wants out!

2016 NCAA Baseball Tournament Selection, How to Watch and Gopher's At-Large Chances - The Daily Gopher

Your Big Ten Regular Season Champs made a very quick exit from the Big Ten Tournament losing to 8-seeded Iowa in the first game and dropping a close one to 5th seed Michigan in the losers bracket.

LETTERS: Readers sound off on Baylor tumult, its many victims - Letters

However, universities can do only so much to prevent female students from frolicking at nightclubs and then retreating to athletes’ apartments after both have been drinking. At some point all parties must take responsibility for their actions.

Insider: Alexander Rossi's win could be biggest surprise in Indy 500 history

Maybe Indianapolis 500s like this happen every 50 years, which is to say, buckle up for the surprise of 2066.

At the 100th anniversary of Verdun, Hollande and Merkel appeal to unity — MercoPress

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed on Sunday for Europe to unite to face its current challenges as they marked the 100th anniversary of Verdun, the longest battle of World War I. The 300 days of fighting in northeast France were one of the bloodiest battles of the war, claiming more than 300,000 lives before France emerged victorious.

Baylor recruiting is collapsing amid scandal, *and* top freshmen might not enroll -

This is what happens to a program when it doesn't clean up a mess ASAP.

As well it should.

Then There's This:

In wake of Baylor mess, Mike Riley brings gang-rape survivor Brenda Tracy to Nebraska

Tracy will try to find the words to explain what it felt like to grow sleepy, then lose consciousness, only to wake up being sexually assaulted by four men. She'll talk about being terrified, unable to fight back, and how she pleaded with one of them to make it stop.

Pretty direct method of getting a message across. You read her story in the piece above and you realize that it's summed up with this:

"Those men treated me like garbage," Tracy said.

If Mike Riley bringing her to Nebraska can make our football team realize that treating other human beings with respect is a part of being on the team as well as being a productive member of society, then we're all better off in the long run.