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Flakes: Big Ten Baseball Tourney Starts Today

Big Ten baseball visits Omaha, a women's basketball recruit picks Iowa, and a former Husker fullback gets his letter jacket.

David McGee

Good Wednesday morning Corn Nation!

The Big Ten baseball tournament starts today. Look for Keith's preview and game thread here on CN. It should be a wild one - and I am not just talking about the fact that any of the eight teams has a shot at winning this.

No, take a look at the Omaha weather forecast.

Let's hope the Huskers provide the fireworks instead of Mother Nature!

On to Flakes....

Pitchers’ attacking mentality fuels Huskers’ surge heading to Big Ten tournament in Omaha - Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos
Nebraska pitchers have recorded an ERA of 2.38 and issued an average of 2.5 walks per game since April 19. The team ERA was 4.85 before that. The walk rate was at 4.8 per game back in mid-April. The mentality has changed, sophomore starter Jake Meyers said.

BTN’s Danan Hughes previews Big Ten baseball tournament « Big Ten Network
The 2016 Big Ten Baseball Tournament starts Wednesday morning at TD Ameritrade Park, home of the College World Series.

Husker hoops recruit picks Iowa instead | Women's Basketball |
The Nebraska women’s basketball roster for this season lost another player on Tuesday when Kathleen Doyle decided she would soon be playing for Iowa instead of the Huskers.

NU T&F: Huskers Hunt for National Bids in Kansas This Week - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;
Nebraska track and field

NU men's basketball team to face Clemson in Big Ten/ACC Challenge
The Big Ten and ESPN announced that Nebraska will travel to Clemson for the 2016 Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

Shatel: Red-letter day for former Husker fullback Burton Burns - Sports
NU Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst presented former Husker Burton Burns with a Nebraska letter jacket at the Nebraska Greats Foundation’s lunch. It was a very cool moment — thanks to Tony Davis, who came up with the idea to honor his friend, and Eichorst, who made it happen.

Top three finalist Hannah Huston finishes strong on season 10 of NBC’s “The Voice.”
Top finalist Hannah Huston finished strong on season 10 of NBC’s “The Voice.” Huston made the top three finalists, but in the end lost to fellow competitor Alisan Porter.

Elsewhere in sports...

One NFL replay tweak could mean the difference between wins and losses - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Although the replay tweaks coming this offseason seem minimal, the new game clock rules could have an immense impact on the end of games.

Who'll join this list of September Heisman Trophy legends next? -

Let's remember those players who jumped out to resounding early Heisman Trophy leads, whether they won it or not. Fun while it lasted!

Nadia Comaneci -- 'I didn't think winning Olympics would be such big deal'
With a single routine, Nadia Comaneci turned the sport of gymnastics on its head.

Drake Johnson, Michigan Wolverines running back, was run over by forklift last month
Michigan running back Drake Johnson was run over in April by a forklift at the Wolverines' indoor track building, according to reports.

Just because....

Mossberg: Can Apple win the next tech war? | The Verge
Fifteen years ago, when the time became ripe for post-PC devices that put a premium on integrating software and hardware, Apple was the best-positioned company to lead the charge — and it did. The company's vertical integration, its attention to detail and innovation in both software and hardware, and its willingness to make big bets, gave it an edge. And it used that edge to reel off its now-familiar string of game-changing products like the iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook Air and the iPad.