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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Utah DT Considering Nebraska, Your Questions & Our Answers

It's been a while, and there is a lot to cover, but you have to start somewhere.

Deommodore Lenoir
Deommodore Lenoir
Student Sports

- There's no question that, if you have been around the Nebraska Cornhuskers recruiting buzz lately, you've seen that Utah DT Steve Tu'ikolovatu is a graduate transfer, looking for a place to play this upcoming year. And, yes, he was a "secret visitor" this past weekend with Mike Riley on campus.

Right after his Nebraska visit, it looks like Steve went down to Tuscaloosa as well.

One has to think that, based on what each team is returning, Nebraska would be the better fit for Steve in terms of playing time and such. Plus, the fact that Nebraska still has a 4-3 while Bama implores a 3-4 would give him even more playing time.

That plus the need for a Senior on the DL to help out the kids like the Davis twins and such hasn't been lost on the Nebraska staff.

- Don't think for one moment that the Calabasas Satellite Camp is just to appease Keyshawn.

One needs to remember that the Huskers are still working on Darnay Holmes, and '18 recruits Brian Hightower and Brendan Radley-Hines to commit. Seeing these kids, along with Keyshawn Jr., Tristan Gebbia and such only helps the cause.

With the sheer number of camps going on this year, Nebraska has to think smarter for this season. It seems that the staff is hitting DFW once again, as they plan on having 2 camps there as well as LA and such.

- If you're wondering who these postcards went to...

.. look towards Foster Sarell of Washington state.

Possibly a pipe dream, but Nebraska is in a lot of conversations right now that didn't seem feasible a few years ago.

- I put out a call on the Corn Nation twitter yesterday for a quick Question/Answer session, and some folks stood up and had inquiries. I'll answer them here!

This is a pretty fair question considering the fact that some folks love to want to compare classes from the Bo Pelini era to the first two of Mike Riley already, and see who was more successful.

I think there are several things you have to look to, but these are the main points that many won't disagree with:

- did the prospect stay with Nebraska all 4 years and graduate? If they left, why did they leave?
- how many current starters came from that class?
- if they are not starting, are they contributing?
- by the beginning of their third season in the program, are they in the two-deep on the depth chart?
- have the higher ranked guys been the ones that contributed, or have they been passed by walk-on or lower ranked guys?

I think those are fair metrics you can use to evaluate most classes. There are special situations that need to be talked about here and there, but that is a pretty decent baseline.

First off, the fact that both parents can now go on Official Visits is a big winner here, especially for Nebraska when you have to win over both of them. Having one hear about the trip is one thing, but actually getting three on campus for it is different in a good way.

That being said, I'm still big on expanding on OV's for both the player and the school. If you widen up the OV window to include the start of Fall Camp (first week of August), increase the number for the school (60) and the individual (7 a prospect), that would help make better, more informed visits. It'd also help with schools that may have issues known because of scheduling and such.

I think that Tyjon Lindsay is the next Husker to commit, he or Jamire Calvin. People are thinking that Lindsay is Ohio State's current flavor, but it just seems odd that the Buckeyes would say they only have room for one more WR when they are already the odds on favorite for Trevon Grimes.  Plus, Lindsay has been recruiting for Nebraska for quite some time, so it doesn't seem like this would be prevalent if the Buckeyes were in the game, would it?

I would also look at Deommodore Lenoir for a possible verbal if Nebraska can get him to realize his fit in the Huskers scheme.  This one may take some time, but if the Huskers can get him in town for an unofficial visit, get him to see the campus, and backdoor a verbal. Nebraska may lose this one, but it's not due to not doing their best.

I have been not around too much lately for #crootin, but we'll start ramping it up with BRW and Satellite Camp coverage for you all. And we're free! How can you hate that?