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Big Red Cobcast: Sloooooowwwww

Hey it's May!

well we had to throw this week's  podcast together last minute, due to unforeseen circumstances. Usually we put hundreds of hours* into pre production for our Cobcast but this week we talked about what we would have asked Eric Crouch if the interview wouldn't have had to been rescheduled.

We also had a minor love fest over the potential of Darnay Holmes. How cool would that be? I know right.

Nebrasketball, huh? We got a big guy. He's basically a taller Pat but that's better than just a Pat. So we'll take him!

Will Patrick O'Brien get "Stanton-ed"? Is Kevin Williams doubling down on his Douche Baggery? Is Riley gonna run the daggum ball next year? Can Tight Ends have 5 stars? How many famous Keyshawn Quotes can you list?

This episode is like a Cornucopia of useless information that you never knew you needed but you're gonna wonder how you ever lived without it.


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