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Corn Flakes: What Is A True Husker Fan?

I'd really like an answer or a comment on the question in the headline of this article. That and some news you need to know!

Husker fan Sombrero Dennis Hubbard

I first remember the concept of a "true Husker fan" occurring in 2007 when the Nebraska fan base was tearing itself apart over Bill Callahan's coaching or lack thereof. It's a phrase that I honestly hate, but I'm not going to go into a whole lot right now.

What I would like to know from all of you is your definition of a "true Husker fan"?

You can be snarky with your answer, you can be serious, but I would appreciate if you guys could take some time and answer the question. If you're lucky, I may let you in on what I'm doing at a later time.

Thank you very much.

Pepin Named Big Ten Men's Outdoor Coach of the Year - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska track and field head coach Gary Pepin earned Big Ten Men's Outdoor Coach-of-the-Year honors, announced by the conference office on Tuesday.

Huskers Ready for NCAA Regional - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska softball team faces Louisville on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in a first-round matchup at the NCAA Columbia (Mo.) Regional. The game will be televised on ESPN2, and a free radio broadcast will be available on

Nebraska AD clarifies 'I had to evaluate where Iowa was' comment | The Gazette

"We weren’t playing for a conference championship and neither was Iowa. I have great respect for Iowa. It’s a great institution and a wonderful football program. But in the final analysis, their record was where it was and ours was where it was. Fair enough?"


I realize Steel Balls Shawn has to work with those people and the public sector is full of consensus-building candy asses, but COME ON SHAWN, STICK A KNIFE IN THEIR SIDES WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

Any more of this and we're gonna have to re-think his nickname.

For Big Ten, expansion does not appear on horizon

The Big Ten not too long ago was one of the key players in the waves of expansion that reshaped the college landscape in recent years, adding Nebraska and then Rutgers and Maryland. But don't expect the conference to grow from 14 anytime soon.

Should the Big Ten implement a collaborative replay system? - The Daily Gopher

The Big Ten pioneered the use of instant replay in college football. Now that the SEC has taken another step, should the Big Ten follow?

Former Minnesota Gophers Coach Joins Kansas State Staff - Bring On The Cats

Late in the evening on Monday there were rumors buzzing around about Kansas State Football's new hire of a former head coach from Minnesota. Is this a good thing? Find out more here!

NCAA Eases Scholarship Restrictions, Raising Concerns Over Competitive Equity - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Several athletics leaders expressed reservations about providing the additional aid. They said the change could cost their departments millions of dollars a year, an expense they would have trouble paying. But some fear that if they don’t make the money available, it could hurt their chances of recruiting the best players.

Thanks To Tax Cuts, Bill Self, Highest Paid State Employee, Owes Little In Kansas Income Taxes | KCUR

Among the nearly 334,000 Kansas businesses that owe no state income taxes thanks to the Brownback administration’s 2012 tax cuts is one called BCLT II, LLC. BCLT II happens to be owned by Bill Self, the legendary University of Kansas men’s basketball head coach.

Form a LLC, pay no taxes. That sounds brilliant.

Alabama star Cam Robinson is facing a felony charge, which could have fallout all over -

Cam Robinson is in trouble less than a year before likely entering the NFL Draft.

Alabama LT Cam Robinson charged with felony after Louisiana arrest |

Two players arrested. The comments are beautiful and have become their own universe unto themselves.

There might be a time in human history in which the comments sections on web sites become sentient beings. I think this one might be close. (Keep in mind, it might be the dumbest, angriest being in the history of the universe, but still be sentient.)

Would a Big 12 championship game be a mistake? Analytics on CFB Playoff odds - Football Study Hall

Using college football analytics to determine whether the Big 12's national title odds would actually improve from adding two teams and a conference title game.

Then There's This:

NOLAND, MARY ANNE - Obituaries & In Memoriam - Richmond, Va., News, Entertainment, Events, Food, Dining, Sports, Business and Commentary

Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God on Sunday, May 15, 2016, at the age of 68.

While I was in Lincoln for the spring game, my sister Mary was insistent that I write my own obituary. "It would take the pressure off my family", was her rather adamant suggestion.

Perhaps since it's the off-season, I will take a shot at writing my own obituary. You guys can help me out. It might be fun. Hell, given the past year, it might even be useful.