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Big Red Cobcast: I Miss Football

Ryan gets sentimental. Usually it's Pat that's the nerd.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's Sunday afternoon (Yes, I write these a few days early) and I'm really missing football. I don't mean the game of football, I mean old school Huskers football. I miss having the "most dangerous player in college football" instead of watching highlights of Alabama games. I miss a defense that blitzed and got sack after sack after tackle in the back field after safety after sack.

I miss having a coach that you could honestly look up to, not one that you had to overlook character flaws in to make a case for.

It may be important to mention that I'm watching the '96 Fiesta Bowl on Youtube. Plus I watched Tommie Frazier interviews before this. He said he didn't care if you liked him, only if you respected him. He was leader regardless if you wanted to be his friend. Leaders aren't so easy to find these days. I also came across a few Lawrence Phillips highlights, arguably our greatest player of all time.

His legacy could have been different. It's a shame.

I find myself getting nostalgic. I can smell the fall in the air, feel the crisp breeze on my face. I was learning how to drive that year. In a few months my dad would  help me buy my first car. A corsica. I wanted an El Camino. It was black with silver highlights and I knew my brother would help me put a "bomb ass system" in it. He did - but the Corsica lacked the cool factor.

I would ride my bike to American Legion Park on 27th and Randolph from 70th and A almost everyday. I was a sophomore at Lincoln High. That's the year I fell in love with acting. I also met Tommie Frazier in Madsens bowling alley and got his autograph that year. I later gave that autograph to a girl I had a crush on.

Even if we win another national championship I don't think it will feel the same. I'm a grown ass man now. I'm too old to have college kids as heros. If anything, watching this game has reminded me that we were lucky to have had those years when we did. When it was okay to care too much because we were kids.

I always want Nebraska to return to greatness but now I have bills to pay and a wife to care for, a job that I do because I have to. I'm jaded by reality. Life changes perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I still cheer just as loud and want to get them championshipships just as much. Hopefully, Riley has what it takes. This recruiting class is starting to look good. I guess we'll see.

I also just want to say that i was lucky to grow up in Nebraska. These L.A. kids don't know what the "Good Life" is.

Alright I'm done. Next week, I'll be back with dick jokes.

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