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Nebraska Volleyball Head Coach John Cook Gets A Raise & Extension

The man who runs one of the best programs in America gets paid big time.

Gallery Photo: Huskers vs. St. Mary's Volleyball Gallery David McGee

The Nebraska Athletic Department and Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst announced a new contract for Nebraska Volleyball Head Coach John Cook on Wednesday.

Cook, who's team is coming off his third National Championship in 2015, signs a new contract extension that keeps him till 2021 at Nebraska. Consequently, Cook also gets a bump in pay, giving him a raise to $600,000 annually. That is a 50% raise for Cook, who was making $400,000 annually in a deal that was the second-highest salary for a Women's sport coach at Nebraska. Cook's pay had been dwarfed by the near $700,000 that Connie Yori made as Women's Basketball Head Coach. Yori left Nebraska earlier this Spring.

Cook also now makes more than new Nebraska Women's Basketball Head Coach Amy Williams, who was hired and given a initial salary of $575,000 per season.

Quote from John Cook:

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity and privilege to coach at Nebraska. The leadership, support and resources that Shawn Eichorst has provided for the Husker coaches and student-athletes is unmatched in college athletics. He has made it a priority to improve and enhance every aspect of our program, including adding Beach Volleyball as a varsity sport, which helps us compete and recruit at the highest level. I look forward to our volleyball program continuing to compete for championships in front of the best fans in college sports.”

Quote from Shawn Eichorst:

“We are thrilled and fortunate that John Cook, one of the best volleyball coaches in the nation, will be leading our program well into the future. John has done a tremendous job and I know our program will reach even greater heights in the coming years."