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Nebraska Baseball Makes 2 NCAA Tournament Projections Tuesday

Husker Baseball is in the NCAA Tourney field talk. The next 2 weeks will either justify staying there or be a disappointing end to the season.

Ryan Schurr

We were trying to get across the point of winning the series versus the Michigan State Spartans, and by doing so, the Nebraska Baseball team is now in the talk of a NCAA Tournament spot.

By virtue of both Baseball America and, the Huskers currently find themselves as one of the final teams in the NCA Baseball Tournament in a few weeks.

Baseball America released their Tournament mock for the week first, and Nebraska is one of the final 4 teams in the field, playing as a 3 seed in Gainesville, Florida vs. Florida, Georgia Tech and Monmouth.

Later on, D1Baseball released their mock as well of their weekly NCAA Tourney draw, and it also has Nebraska as a 3 seed in a Florida regional. However, this would be in Coral Gables with Miami, Florida Atlantic and Florida A&M.

Interestingly enough, Nebraska replaced one other Big Ten team in the D1 mock:

There are four new teams in the field this week, including Kennesaw State, Nebraska, Fresno State and Boston College. Kennesaw and Fresno took over automatic bids in the Atlantic Sun and Mountain West Conferences, respectively, while Nebraska replaced Maryland as an at-large bid out of the Big Ten, and Boston College was our last team in the field, giving the ACC, the nation’s top RPI conference, 10 total bids to lead the way. The SEC comes in with nine bids, while the Pac-12 notched five bids and Big Ten was the next conference in line with four total bids.

Today, Nebraska has an RPI of 47 with D1Baseball, so tonight's game is an important one vs. Omaha to keep above 50 in that RPI, which could be the big measuring stick. Omaha's RPI is 177 today.

Within the Big Ten, Nebraska needs to win their set vs. Penn State to stay in the top 6 of the B1G standings, as the Nittany Lions are one of 3 teams just 1 game back of Nebraska, who sits in the 5th spot, one above the cutoff for the B1G Tournament.

Yes, the rubber game vs. Creighton is big, but Nebraska has work to do before they get to Omaha one final time for the Bluejays.