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Big Red Cobcast: Matt Coatney

Pat and Ryan chatted with Matt Coatney, the voice of woman's basketball!

I'm writing this on Mothers day, so I'll make it brief.

Sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes a ghost or an electrical current shut down your computer and erases the last half of an interview because you turned off auto save on accident.

Sometimes, you talk trash about a man's employer then 2 weeks later you interview him and he listened to that episode and calls you out on it on a microphone. AND SOMETIMES that's the conversation that doesn't get erased.

Sooooooometimes, Pat makes you release it because he believes we have to let him stick up for himself. Sometimes Pat makes you really angry because you know it's the classy thing to do but YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CLASSY.

Sometimes, Pat's the worst.


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