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Big Ten Baseball Weekend

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Baseball Background

Michigan remains the only ranked Big Ten team this week (#21, NCBWA) while Michigan State and Nebraska remain in others not good enough to take to prom category.

Here's your standings for this week.

Now that we're moving into conference season, Big Ten RPIs will be dropping faster than a three-foot putt not taken by Ernie Els. Last week, the top RPIs in conference looked like this:

#17 Michigan

#23 Minnesota

#27 Nebraska

#29 Michigan State

#57 Maryland

This week.... well, they're down, except Maryland.

#29 Michigan

#38 Minnesota

#46 Michigan State

#53 Nebraska

#56 Maryland

That's what happens when, for example, Nebraska plays midweek opponents like UNO (RPI 181) and Kansas State (165) and Michigan State plays Eastern Michigan (142), and Michigan plays Notre Dame (59) and Bowling Green (271).

Okay, maybe not the greatest examples to prove the point.. but the RPIs will be dropping and there ain't really a damned thing they can do about it. Purdue is at 255, for crying out loud.

This week's schedule:

  • Minnesota at Michigan
  • Northwestern at Nebraska
  • Ohio State at Maryland
  • Michigan State at Penn State
  • Illinois at Iowa
  • Purdue at Indiana
  • Rutgers vs St. Joseph's

Ranked in terms of "interestingness".

It's time for Minnesota to prove they're a decent team or not and they can certainly do that against Michigan on the road. Northwestern always seems to cause fits for Nebraska, regardless of sport.

Michigan State and Penn State? Penn State has won eight games in a row, but they're against Illinois (RPI 94), Youngstown State (205) , Binghamton (189), Purdue (255!), Pittsburgh (32) and Lafayette (235) - not really a murder's row there, huh.


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