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Corn Flakes: You Can Easily Avoid Drama By Staying Off Social Media

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Try it for a week as an experiment. Then report back to us.

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I missed all the Husker drama yesterday with the weight room and Kenny Bell and weight lifting records and Boyd and the following circus as I spent most of the day in the ER. Wednesday I'd had some issues with some dizziness/weakness and a slight bit of pain because of an increase in dosage in one of my meds. That continued into Thursday morning, and at that point a conversation with the cardiologist's office lead to them recommending I call 911, which I did not do, but instead had my neighbor drive me to the emergency room at a local clinic.

I tend to do what they tell me because I have no interest in damaging my heart by ignoring it. I know full well that further damage will only result in me being less active and less mobile, i.e., pushing a walker around with an oxygen tank because the bastards will keep you alive even if you don't want to be any more. It's rare that people die in peace; more like you die with 834 tubes sticking out of you after "all efforts have been exhausted".

Anyway, it was nearly a full day of waiting for doctors to determine that, yes, everything was fine and it was indeed caused by the dosage increase. I spent the day lying in bed hooked to machines. I had my phone with me (of course!) and I spent most of the time in which I wasn't being prodded or poked reading the book "Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence" by Daniel Goleman (more on this later). It's an interesting read; I have been reading more books lately on focus, flow, and mindfulness, largely because of what happened to me last fall in an effort to piece my memory back together.

There is a fair amount of coverage in these books on how much we are distracted in our day to day lives, and a large part of that has to do with our screens. Those distractions don't encumber us from being successful, necessarily, but they do keep us from being truly excellent, and if that's what you want to be - excellent in your chosen profession - you need to limit the distractions and FOCUS on what you're doing.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to limit your distractions is to:


That recommendation comes from me, not the authors of these books, and it goes against what we're supposed to be for here at CN; getting you to come to the site on a regular basis and read the stuff we're pumping out.

You're supposed to get entangled in Kenny Bell's complaint, become outraged, voice your outrage and then brace yourself for the outrage against the outrage, after which you respond to that with another wave of sanctimonious pooping hoping that some of it sticks, apparently?

I deleted Facebook off my phone recently, and have made a conscious effort to avoid it. It wasn't that difficult and I have now successfully avoided seeing everyone's efforts to post every anti-Trump article written everywhere. I miss that like I miss giving blood.

I have a twitter app on my phone, but it sucks. I am perfectly fine with it sucking because then I avoid it, and I am really all for you avoiding twitter because I believe it's collectively making us all dumber at a time in which we need to not be so dumb.

Has my avoidance of social media worked?

You could argue no - my writing isn't getting any better, is it?

It has worked in the fact that my memory and focus on my regular job is getting better than it's been in months, a concern to me even though I have the built-in excuse that life got in the way.

Maybe you could try it as an experiment. Stay off social media for a week, then report back on what happened. Did you feel more calm? Did you want to? Did you feel like you were missing out on anything? Did you get a raise? A promotion? Or did your Mom get mad at you because you stopped posting photos of your dog?


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