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Nebraska Football: How One Tweet Set Off A #Huskers Twitter Rage Mob Wednesday

If you think that people can't get #madonline, well buddy we have news for you!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Ah yes, the offseason. Where we beg for not only things to get upset about, but also to rage over the smallest details.

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers WR Kenny Bell sent out these tweets today:

Apparently, there is a big time television that is in the Nebraska weight room that had the records of the team's lifting categories. And said TV has not only been turned off, but wiped clean from all those records.

#Huskers twitter got #MADONLINE.

Now, I completely get the fact that players wouldn't like this at all. They're the ones that busted their asses for the program and such, and they should be remembered in some way. That being said, it does seem like a trivial issue, and boy howdy was the fanbase split on that one.

Others, it seemed, felt the burning urge to take said news and run with it to show how they hate Mike Riley and Shawn Eichorst, Nebraska's Head Coach and Athletic Director respectfully.

However, seems like someone fofound a piece in the Omaha World-Heraldhere Strength and Conditioning guru Boyd Epley had planned to do this all along.

.. which is the answer that the Nebraska SID department gave to 1620's Josh Peterson.

Never, ever underestimate the ability for Nebraska Football twitter to go off the rails, everyone. No matter what side you're on with this, it's amazing how it blew up.